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Do you like puff pastry, guys? It's really one of the most tasty ones, but cooking it is very long and complicated task. I mean a traditional recipe.
But there is a nice way to get the same result without any difficulties!

🌟We need:

  • 400g butter (frozen one)

  • 600 g flour (I used whole-grain wheat one)

  • 100g water (cold one!)
  • 1 egg

sugar, vanilla or salt and peper - anything you like here.

I didn't add anything, and it was SUPER TASTY!😍

✨At first you need to grate frozen butter.

✨Then add there flour and mix them.

DON"T knead it, just mix!
✨Add water and 1 egg that were shaken up together.

Mix all ingredients together. Don't knead it!

Put the dough into the fridge for 2 hours.

When time is over, you can use it. I just took a piece of it, make different cookies and add some chocolate or apples on the top.

Put cookies into a very hot oven! Otherwise all the butter will be melted and run away before cookies are ready.

Just 10-15 min, and they are GREAT!

Perfect Puff pastry!!


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it must taste really good even though it's so complicated to make

this recipe is very easy!:)

It looks good and moist. Can this be made in almond flour. I have been on experimenting cakes and cookies with almond flour. They do turn out very well, but ya to be honest I do use a little bit of yeast.

amn't sure, dear..
maybe to add almond flour at first, to try it.
Only almond flour and no other? Have you tried such cookies already? it will be new for me
I've never bought too much of this flour because here it's rather expensive