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Japanese food has become extremely popular all over the world, and even in my small city all people go crazy about sushi and rolls.
But I don't share this tendency, and I've chosen MISO SOUP for my first Japanese dish;)

It was my first experience with this soup, and I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not, and what my family would say about it. I was sure it would VERY special and very different from what we were used to eat....and....I was right;)) It's really VERY different!

💚So I need:

nori seaweed and kelp

miso paste (btw it much cheaper than I expected - only 3$ for 1 kg!)

soy sauce
green onion
soy cheese (if you like)
funchose (there is none of it in the classical recipe, but there are variations, and I wanted to try this one)
water (for every liter of water we need 2-3 tablespoons of miso paste)

I like fast and healthy recipes, and it seems to be one of it!
Vegan, healthy and really fast!;)

We need just to make bouillon mixing miso paste with water in the right proportion.

Then we cut all seaweed and greenery we have.

If you add some cheese - cut it as well making small cubes

Funchose should be soaked in the hot water for some time and then we add it to the soup.

It's very importnat not to boil the bouillon too much to save all useful elements of miso paste (and it has plenty of them!). So my soup was warm, but not too hot.

Final step is to mix them all together, and MISO SOUP IS READY!💚

I was very surprised but my family liked it!;)
Yeah, they agree it was very unusual but rather interesting, so my experiment was successful:)

Do you like this soup, guys?
Is it popular in your city?


Don't forget Shiitake mushrooms!

have never tasted them;)) tasty?:)

They are a common addition to miso soup. They are also quite tasty by themselves.

Greetings @taliakerch, first time I see this soup, most of the ingredients I don't know, it's good to vary the food and try different flavors.


so Japanese food is popular not worldwide;)

In the city where I live, the best known Japanese food is sushi, soups I have not seen.


oh sushi yeah....they are very popular now
do you like them?

I don't like suchi, I have only eaten it once, a small taste and I didn't like it.

Great post! Keep up the good work!