Homemade Eggs Benedict Bagel | With Sauce Recipe!

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You probably know how it feels to have cravings for something. I know this feeling very well at least. When I was pregnant, I craved things that weren't allowed so I didn't take them. Last week, I suddenly had eggs benedict in my mind and not as I ordered it in the restaurants before, but with my very own twist. I decided to order these delicious bagels I found in the list of restaurants as we still had salmon in the freezer. Actually, the only thing missing was the bagels so this would be a nice lunch with some preparations, that is.

I ordered the bagels early this morning

Before the delivery service was even open, I ordered the bagels as I wanted to make sure that I'd receive them. If I'd wait until lunchtime, it was possible that they already sold all the bagels as sandwiches. So around 8.15 AM this morning, the bagels arrived and I have to say, they smell delicious even before tasting them! The bagels are made without eggs and are called "almost a bagel".

Unfortunately, lunch didn't work out today

I didn't feel great and when I don't, salmon is just not an option. I decided to have a simple sandwich with something that wouldn't make me more nauseous than I already was. It was a smart choice as I did a small nap afterward and when I picked up the lady from kindergarten, I felt alright again. But I wasn't going to waste the freshly defrosted salmon and bagels today so we ate them for dinner instead. They turned out delicious, so I thought I should share this one!

Here's what you need

  • Bagel
  • Butter
  • Arugula salad
  • Salmon cut in slices (I used normal salmon but smoked salmon is even better!)
  • Fried egg
  • Pepper
  • Salt

For the homemade sauce I used:

  • Mayonaise
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Pinch of garlic powder
  • Half a teaspoon of honey
  • A bit of mustard

Note: I tried to get my hands on Hollandaise sauce as I read this is the sauce they use in restaurants, I thought I found it but it wasn't the same sort at all. I discovered this while prepping the dish, so instead of stressing about making it myself, I made the sauce above as it's usually a winner. I can't say I missed the Hollandaise sauce at all.

It takes about 10 minutes to prep this bagel

If your ingredients are ready to use, you can prep this lunch quickly.

Cut the bagel in half:

Add butter to the bottom of the bagel with some arugula salad.

Cover the salad with sliced salmon and add pepper and salt to your liking.

Prep the sauce (recipe above).

Add the sauce to the top of the bagel.

Fry an egg and place it on top of the salmon (add pepper and salt to your liking).

Now close the bagel to have the complete experience of the egg yolk covering the bagel! (yum!)


I hope you enjoyed this recipe even though it's not the original eggs benedict. We enjoyed it, and it's one for the win here!

Thanks for stopping by!


Woow this looks so delicious and healthy too! This will spice my sandwich agenda for breakfast. :)

I hope you will enjoy it, I sure did :)

It looks great than any restaurant. Homemade food always tastes best. I like the way you prepared it, fresh and delicious.

It looks great than any restaurant. Homemade food always tastes best. I like the way you prepared it, fresh and delicious.

Thank you, I will have to try to make my own bagel one day (or almost a bagel like this one without eggs) I never tried it, not sure if it's hard honestly. And I agree, homemade usually is best, although I ordered the bagel from our delivery app haha :) (just commented on your post about that ;) ) It's not always bad, thankfully!

I usually avoid baking, I'm not good at it.
But sometimes I also feel like I should try something new.

I have a long list of thins I want to try, but afraid I will mess it up LOL
Some things just aren't my thing to make and best to buy in the store :)

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Thank you for the support!

This looks so good :D

Thanks, it was :)

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I like the sauce, the way to make it looks easy and looks delicious

Yes it's super simple just add the ingredients and mix it up. Takes like 1 minute :)

I love bagels with avocados and smocked salmon with little fresh tomatoes and cheese 🧀 😋 😍.

Oh truly a blessing as well, avocado on a bagel, yum!

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Omg, that bagel looks super yummi, egg, fish, yummi and nutritive

It was very delicious, I will probably make it again :)