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After a long day cooking and canning, this drink was exactly what was needed. This post was 20 days in the making - literally.

I've been thinking a lot recently about alcohol and its (likely) historical role in preserving fruit. Also seeing the price tags of interesting liqueurs in the store, I decided that other than the very basics (like vodka), I'm going to make my own - and experiment with the preserving qualities of alcohol. (My thinking is that the evolution of liqueurs was as a by-product of preserving fruit - at least, originally.) It's a difficult subject to research because it's difficult to find anything that's not resoundingly negative about alcohol on the internet.

Anyway, I figured that berries were a good candidate for trying something new. I looked for mixed drink recipes for ideas, then formulated my own method based on these.

So... this blackberry drink: Crème de Muir (or cream of blackberry)


I needed: red wine, vodka (or gin), blackberries, and sugar.



I filled my quart jar about halfway with the frozen berries, so about 1 pints of berries.

Then, I poured 1/2 cup of sugar over the berries.



I filled the jar with 1/2 c gin (or vodka) and 1 1/2 c red wine

Then I closed it and put it in my cupboard for a few weeks (20 days, at the moment.) Sometimes, I shook it up to dissolve the sugar, otherwise, I left it alone.



I started with the half-dozen ice cubes the children hadn't taken...

I added a few blackberries for fun.

And measured out a generous 2-ounce measure of the liqueur. (I had forgotten that most of the beverage was wine, so I could easily have doubled it without fearing too much alcohol.)



I further diluted the liqueur with sparkling water. A 1:1 ratio is a good thing to aim for. I think I put a bit too much.

This was a really enjoyable drink to wind down my day of cooking, canning and babysitting.

This is my entry for this week's @foodfightfriday challenge.

Note: All photos are mine - Nikon 7200. Crossposted on Uptrennd.

Two of my kitchen witches. One hung in my grandmother's kitchen as long as I can remember, so I have mine - adding a certain magickal spice to my cooking, presumably...
My grandmother's now lives in my mother's kitchen.

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Oh boy that sounds delicious.
We make our own kailua, love the coffee flavor with fresh vanilla.
Enjoy your weekend 😊

Thank you!
I might try making kailua - more for others though as I'm not a coffee fan... Though maybe a mocha variant might be okay... I did try two other infusions at the same time - a blueberry mojito and a sex-on-the-beach. I haven't tried those yet...

mmmm looks yummy. I wish I could have free taste 😁😁

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Well, you know what to do! ;-)
One day...

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