A Magical Natural Drink, From Blue To Purple

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Have you ever seen a simple miracle without a spell? Just a drop of lemon that can change the color of a drink.

Previously, I posted about the Butterfly Pea Flowers ice drink which is refreshing and also healthy. You can read more HERE.

This time, I will share something that is not far from the previous drink. There are a few different things, like lemon drops that can change things.

A Process I Call Magic

I call lemon magic in this drink.

Before a magic happen

Before mixing it with lemon juice, drink Butterfly Pea Flowers blue. It's quite beautiful.

If you want another color? It's easy! We just need to add lemon juice.



Just a little, you don't need a lot because the taste will be very sour and not fresh if the taste is not balanced.

From Blue To Purple

Butterfly Pea Flowers have many advantages, especially for natural food and beverage coloring agents.



This drink turns purple due to a chemical process that occurs between Butterfly Pea Flowers water and lemon juice. This is an advantage for culinary business owners who can create beautiful, healthy drinks.

I have seen a drink like this in a restaurant that has different color gradations on each drink menu.
This drink is certainly healthier because we no longer need colored soda water to produce different colored beauties.

I love to see things like magic around me even though it's a chemical process. It should make us believe that there are always miracles when we believe. We just have to believe and let the "universal chemical processes" do the work for us.

How do you think the Butterfly Pea Flowers drink could be these two colors? Have you ever tried it?




when i was a kid, we had a kool aid drink that would change color after you added water.... this one looks a lot better for you than kool aid with a cup of sugar!

Oh thank you! Anyway, this is my new thing in here. So, I was happy to create this beautiful drink.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great day :)

thanks, i look forward to your great vegan food posts!

Magic! And so pretty... :)

I feel like I'm fallin in Love ehehe :)

Hi hi @anggreklestari, the butterfly pea is also good for making soup and tea, mix with the chrysanthemum will be great for health as well...how is the hive going so far?

Yeah this is something new for me. Just a few couple month ago I grow up this plant.

Hive is great. I think I saw your post before. Isn't it?

Yep, we have been along the way in many places actually, but we barely talk to each other. I don't grow butterfly pea at home, but it grows wildly in my back yard the different only it's color, the wild one is a little paler than the cultivated one, I think they are different species. I am actually looking for old friends here on hive I missed them so much. I saw you, but I was not sure that you would probably remember me

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Very nice and colourful drink! I eat these flowers! They are in my omelette!

Oh really? I should try your recipe then

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Hooray for food science! It's simple and yet very mesmerizing.
And also healthy I presume.

That's healthy too but do not add more sugar :)

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I’ve never had the drink but you made it look so good.

This typically drink is popular in Asian.

But some people in my living area still not get to know about this edible flower :)

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