Bale, Tear Down Overhang, Cleaning and Clearing, Knobs, Lights - Tuesday

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Yesterday continued my days of hard work around the farm. Tis the season to be getting the farm organized and finally setup the way that I want it. Part of my morning was spent pricing and prepping orders for rolls of row cover, rolls of plastic, and rolls of irrigation tubing. I want enough row cover to cover all the rows in the main garden which 1000 feet should suffice.


After getting R to school I got a bale hauled into the sheep who despite their portly figures seem to be starving anytime they run their bale out. I spent the next couple hours organizing around the tool shed and the garden shed.


R's tote bag mother's day gift for @stryeyz that he made in school.


My afternoon was where the major workout happened. I had gotten a lot of the stuff drug out from under the overhang earlier and had to finish once back from picking the boys up from school.


One of the big issues was the mass of large windows and sliders that I had leaning against the overhang which had to be moved before I could take the thing down. After pulling the tarps and giving myself better light to see I had to dig out all the soil that had piled against the side of the shed which also gave me a spot to stack all the windows against the shed.


I used wood blocks to set the windows on and leaned them tightly to the shed. This area has been covered by the overhang for close to ten years and it feels good to get it cleaned up finally.


The panels are super nifty. 10 feet long by 5 feet wide they are going to be used for the chicks pen now. They were from an old bird cage of some kind that was on the property back in the mid 1900s. I moved the panels to the tool shed as they are really heavy.


The North end of the shed is shaded and can't really grow anything so it is getting setup to be storage for irrigation, drying racks, and row cover supports. A bunch of the soil from under the overhang had to get drug over to fill in a hole and lower the soil lever along the shed.


With the soil dug out from the base of the wall I found I had just enough room left to fit a railroad tie that was up by the studio. It will work perfectly to keep the soil blocked from pushing against the shed and will hopefully keep the rain water out. Today I am going to use a bunch of the rock I have pulled from the ground and back fill along the tie then cover with soil as the roof drains right there.

I managed to take a few minutes to get the weedeater running and made sure it was ready to go since the yard is starting to get a bit overgrown already.


I found a couple rarities in the chip bag. Two completely puffed chips from my Fourth Of July jalapeno lime chips. They were right next to each other in the bag and is the first time in many many years that I can remember finding even one perfectly puffed chip. Your little dose of random for the day.


I was standing in the tool shed and I found that I did in fact have knobs that would fit the threading for the loom frame. These knobs make it much easier to tighten the loom to the stand now. It is the exact thing I had been wanting to install but just hadn't been able to track them down so it felt rather good to put them on last night.


The garden shed had an issue with lighting and I took the time in the evening to get it dealt with. After mounting the end light so it shines down on the irrigation supply table I installed a second drop light and mounted the pair to the roof underside which dramatically improved the lighting in the shed. It is a massive difference and will make the shed actually usable at all times now.


My poor back is again a mass of knots and my arms are still going to sleep from the tightness. The soaking and the theracane help but only so much.


Today I have to get fresh syrup on the bees, rocks poured against the railroad tie, the yard fence needs to be redone around the garden shed, the fence for the north end of the garden needs to get started, and make sure everything is ready for the rain the next few days.

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You've really put in a lot of hardwork here... Weldone👍

All the moving stuff around is so freaking tiring! Do you also move stuff to a new place, just to discover later that you need to move them again? I get so pissed with my Dad, because he always tells me to move stuff to places I know aren't final.

The unfortunate part of rearranging is often times having to move things multiple times. I can't count the number of times I have moved stuff around the farm only to discover a far better place for it and then it gets moved again. I try not to do that with the heavy stuff like the granite, I move enough rock as it is.

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Damn.. I'm exhausted just reading about how much work you did

I’m always amazed at how much energy you have, but I’m sorry that your back is paying the price 🥲
Hope you get your fences sorted in time ❤️😊

Love R's tote bag! Good you are able to use those panels for the chicks.