Mother's Day Storms, Tool Board, Hive Check, Screens For Studio, Repair, Grilling - Sunday

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Yesterday continued the storms that have been moving across the region and we ended up having a healthy bout of hail, graupel, and rain mid day.


While @stryeyz and the boys went to the store for a few things for lunch I made myself a new tool board for the hammers. The old one is laid on top of the handles and was a lot shorter. The new board is laid out better and I put two bolts on it to hang my rolls of tape. It is a major improvement over the old one for sure.


My mom came up for lunch, avocado toasts, and I had been watching the doppler as the storms got closer. I ran out and picked the rest of the daffodils by the highway for them and made it back to the house right before the rain and hail hit. We were going to eat on the deck except for the downpour.


Once the storm passed I got a fire going in the pit for the afternoon and kept it fed and built up.


The spa needed to be filled badly and I let it overflow for a bit. I balanced the chems and gave it a bit of a shock so I could drop the Frog chlorinator in the water to help keep our chlorine levels at a better spot. This morning the water was dramatically clearer so it is doing its job already.


It was a bit chilly most of the day but once the sun came out in the afternoon it got a bit warmer. Enough so that I was able to get into the hives. The first hive I opened the bees had chewed part of the cork out of the queen cage but not all the way. I pulled the cork and she walked right out and into the hive. The bees hadn't built up a lot yet with her still in her cage. The second hive the queen was out of her cage and the bees had started building a lot of comb. They were also a lot more aggressive as they had a hive to protect. The second hive will need more pollen patties soon as they were halfway done with the first patty.


@stryeyz asked me to get screens installed on a couple windows on the studio. I have metal siding up to the window frames so I couldn't staple the screen down and all the screen frames I have are far too worse for wear to use. My solution was to take a pair of furring strips and staple the screen to them then screw them to the top and bottom of the window. The tension holds the screen nicely against the window frame and seals it for the most part. At least it is not a wide open window now.


I used my miter saw and was disgusted by the condition of the power cord so I ripped into it to swap it out. Luckily it is only a couple screws inside and the wires were free. While I grilled steaks I floated between the fire and the repair. I have it back together but didn't get a chance to test it out which I will do this morning.


T-bone steaks for Mother's day dinner with salad and tots.


We got an evening storm that rolled through as the boys were out roasting marshmallows and making smores.


The clouds cleared off for the night and we got a nice sunset.


Today I am going up top to try and get the squash/melon patch planted, boys have school, I have the overhang for the a/c to build, hopefully work on fencing, and I am building a pile that will end up going to the dump when it is large enough.

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Sounds like you had a charming day despite the weather. The bees look buzzy, fire looks lovely and the kids and mom (moms) got beautiful daffodils to boot. ❤️🌹🌺🌸