Summer Squash, Gate Repair, Tree Trimming, Harvests, Hay Run, Prep For Grain Run - Thursday

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While working my way through the squash picking yesterday morning I found another one that is now getting saved for seed. This gives me 4 varieties that I will have seeds saved from. Given the open pollination of them all the seeds may not hold true to what grew them but that will be fine with me.


My other 2 seed squash are getting rather large.


24.5 pounds for the day and I got them all to the cooler but realized I would have to sort through my stock to cull the bad.


@stryeyz had gotten home with the boys from their swim lessons and I watched the gate drag as it opened. I had just fixed the top hinge but the bottom bolt had pushed itself all the way into the post and dropped the end of the gate on the ground.


I pulled the old one out and installed the bolt so the nuts hold the thing solid in the post.


It sits much better now and is nowhere near dragging. It will help come winter time as well with the snow.


I got 2 rows of beans picked before I got too hot. It was 8 pounds and I only need 5 more for my orders for next week, which the plants more than have.


I headed up the hill for a mile walk and I made one loop up the hill, around the pen, then back down which was right on half a mile. When I hit the tool shed I grabbed my lopping shears and hauled them up for my second lap which took a lot longer since I spent the time cutting back the branches from along the trail.


We don't have to duck or swerve around branches and saplings now and I cleared all the lower branches that could possibly poke us.


Over an hour for the mile but the trail is now fully cleared. I was super dirty from all the tree debris.


After cleaning up some and taking a short break I went out to see what the cucumbers had for me. I ended up with 24 for the day which has me at 75 on hand.


As I put the cucs in the cooler I decided to cull the squash while I got the boxes ready for delivery this morning. I ended up tossing 40 pounds to the sheep who pounced on the pile. They were a bit testy since they had run out of hay.


I stood in my tool shed putting tools away when this huge moth swerved around my face and landed on the hammer handle in front of me. Over 2 inches long with an orange stripe when it flew.


The turkeys are smart and they go stand in the wading pools. You can see the one outside the pool has its wings drooped and was panting while the ones in the water are not panting at all.


I got a loaf of bread going in the bread machine while I worked on dinner. I had gotten a call back from my hay guy and I was to head over after 7pm so I needed to eat before then.


I was out the door around 7 and got 3 big round bales loaded up. Lee and I talked for a while and on my way home the thunderstorms that had skirted around us were still visible on the horizon.


As soon as I got home I backed the trailer up to the tree and looped the strap I tipped the bales over and got them off the trailer. I rolled the two onto the pallet then unhooked the trailer so I could drop the 3rd into the pen. The sheep were over joyed to have the new bale.


I then hooked the trailer up again and loaded up the grain barrels for my grain run in a few minutes.


It was late after my shower before I got out to soak. Which felt ultra good after the long day.


I got get grain now, drop off co-op orders, then I have picking to get to, the boys are having a get together at the lake park with their friends mid day, and I want to grill this evening.

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I can't imagine feeding hay in the summer. But this year even out here, people have had to due to the drought.

I'm used to it. My property is what is known as an "amazing example of glacial outburst flood gravels" which is another term for sandy and rocky. The upper property has little to no soil and only keeps pine and fir trees alive. My gardens all sit down lower by the creek. So I have to buy hay year round for the animals.