Sunshine, New Phone, Melon Garden Planted, Tilling, Massive Boulder Dug Up, Flowers - Tuesday

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Yesterday morning J was up early and out soaking before school. With @stryeyz working earlier for a week or two I figured to be on my own for most of the mornings but he has taken to waking himself up earlier.


The sun had already crested the hill and trees and was shining in the yard before 6:30.


After the prior days of storms the nice bright and warm sun felt really welcome. I hung out on the deck for a bit soaking it in while I finished my tea.


We have a mass of hoverflies that are out right now and have been congregating on surfaces around the farm. They are a curious insect and a few of them will land on an outstretched finger and hang out for a bit. There are a few types of hoverfly and I'm not sure which these are exactly.


In the mid morning UPS delivered my new phone so I spent a while getting it going and at least a few of the key apps installed. The first is F-droid so I can get Open Camera, my primary camera app on my phone. I have the 2021 Moto G Power which has 3 lenses with a macro. Luckily my old phone still barely works so I was able to get everything off of it I needed. In the midst of this I took R to school and once I had the phone going enough I headed up to the upper garden.

When I got there Willy was there after doing yard work for Anita and he helped me get the plastic pulled out and aligned on the irrigation lines and emitters. We weighted it all down with planting pots filled with soil and a random larger rock here and there. The winds do a serious number on the plastic if not well weighted.


Then I was able to get seeds in the ground. We will see what all comes up but there is 5 spots per short row:
1 row wades giant corn
2 rows misc squash seeds
3 rows acorn squash
4 rows watermelons (3 types)
2 rows pear melon
2 rows tigger melon
2 rows honeycomb melon
4 rows minnesota midget melon


I have a couple things to deal with still like a leak from the gophers chewing on the tubing overwinter and the fence needs to be redone as the posts are wallowing.


I was done planting the melon garden in time to be home for a few minutes before picking the boys up from school. Once back I gave in to their pleading cries and hauled a new bale into the sheep and alpaca. You would think they are starving by how they carry on sometimes.


I decided to try and keep tilling the area above the garden shed, figuring there would be some rocks I did not expect to find this thing. I had been making the passes and the tiller tinged across the top of the boulder and when I began to dig I was a bit astonished.


A 2 foot long flat topped boulder sat less than a foot below the surface. I began to dig around it to see how far down it went.


I kept digging and digging and finally felt a spot where the boulder began to curve under and was not just a sheer face going down. I was about to give up at this point as I was 2 feet deep on the front side and did not think it would be anywhere remotely possible to move this thing. Then I stuck the big rebar rod down under the upper right corner and the damn thing moved. I went looking around the farm for anything I could pry with and came back with a couple of things.


At first I tried the long metal sign post and the rebar which moved it a little. That's when I ended up grabbing one of the 4" wood fence posts.


The two worked rather well to lever the boulder up out of the ground. I was able to rock it up some but needed to get shoring for blocking and prying support.


With the 4x4 I was able to get much better leverage and slowly but surely rolled the rock up out of the hole. I had to dig out in front of it to help it roll each time but it made it a bit easier to move that way.


You can see the other boulders in the sunlight which were removed from the ground a few feet to the left of this boulder about 5 or 6 years ago.


At this point I had it onto the surface and just had to roll the big beast over a couple of times to get it out of the growing area.


It now sits on the corner of the garden out of the way of where I wanted to till. @stryeyz got home from work and got to see the huge hole that was left before I quickly filled it in the best I could having to pull soil from a large area to fill the void left by the rock. It is the largest boulder I have ever pulled out of the ground by hand on this farm.


With the boulder moved and the hole filled I was able to get back to tilling. I made it through the rest of the first tilling with no major rocks or roots to deal with.


Then the second tilling with tines forward smoothed it out pretty well and leaves me a minor bit of raking left to do.


On the way down to the house I noticed the gooseberries are blooming and the Sierra Gooseberries were looking pretty in the late afternoon sun. They are the only red flowering gooseberry of the four types I have and are native to the mid elevations of the Sierras.


After dinner, washing my clothes, and a shower I spent a lot of time with the theracane and the jets trying to work the knots out. In the end I don't remember waking up with my arms asleep in the middle of the night last night so I must have done some good.


Today I am not sure what I am feeling up to doing. I have a slew of things I can work on but I am pretty sore still so I am going to start with the daily chores and see where my day takes me. I should have a board meeting tonight but I am going to our first scout meeting in months instead as we need to figure out the rest of the summer schedule.

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Man oh Man, I don't envy you those boulders! And your gooseberries were lovely!