Wooden seedbed at home.

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For many people, growing in seedbeds is the starting point for a future harvest. Today there is a wide variety of seedbeds and containers designed for crops. On the other hand, we can also build seedbeds with wood and adapt it to our needs, and best of all, we can reuse them for many years.

Precisely speaking of wooden seedbed, I would like to share with you the following. I recently moved to a new house, at the entrance there is a wooden seedbed, in you will find plants of papaya, chili, pepper and passion fruit plants, as well as some avocado seeds.


This seedbed is frequently fertilized with organic waste, such as: eggshells and vegetables (avocado, cucumber, potato, carrot, etc.). These wastes have been used for a long time, because they increase the fertility of the soil. Currently, their use is of great importance, since they have been shown to be effective in increasing yields and improving the quality of products.







Making a seedbed turns out to be a very easy and inexpensive procedure, but for our plants to give us good harvests it is very important that they receive the necessary care and attention, such as: removing weeds and constant watering, but avoiding puddles.

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