I Made this Card to Celebrate My Love Anniversary 😍

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July 13 was a very special day for me for the last 5 years. Time flies fast and it is our 5th Anniversary of Love! I remember as today, how we started and where we are now.

Usually every year I spend few hours preparing some creative things for my boyfriend by my hand. It can be a video, puzzle, card, or gift box. Focusing on such things increases my attraction to him.

This time I converted the following empty cardboard into a beautiful creating card!


Little bit of planning

First of all, I planned in mind what to represent in the card. I just wanted to give a scrapbook look plus a vintage look. I have a bag full of papers and cardboard with different prints and patterns. Some are purchased as pattern papers and some are wrappers and new papers. I normally use them to do scrape booking.

It should look reddish

As I wanted it to look red, I picked some red paper, patterns, tapes, and stickers from my bag.


Cut , Scrape and Paste

Then it was time to match colors and paste them accordingly. I picked this cute bare couple which is also reddish. Some sequins were used to mark the border.


More Stickers

I added more and more texts and stickers to make the card look filled. The rest of the space is filled with pen drawings.

Second Page

I didn't have any specific vintage stickers but found printed paper with flowers. It came nicely with crushed paper.

I added just one simple sentence, "I am lucky enough to have you!". I guess it came nicely and even if it is not, he accepted it with tons of love.


All works are my own :)

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Awww. This is so beautiful. Happy anniversary to you bothπŸ’•

thank you dear

Love is a good thing. If you find the right partner. Happy anniversary

Love is a good thing. If you find the right partner.

exactly. thank you

Very cute card.

Thank you for taking the time to share.



Awww July! I guess a lot of amazing happen in July πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š you may find soon why I said so.
Congrats on your love anniversary and oh my! That card is beautiful, the red and the words are perfect on it... He surely should accept it with love as it was made out of love 😍

The process in making the card seem easy, I would love to try making one someday but maybe not for a love anniversary like you 😁

It's nice reading from you, I'm here on behalf of my team from @dreemport challenge to boost a post from any community and yours is one of them for me... I wish you well ❀️

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I guess a lot of amazing happen in July

ofcource July is a wonderful month. I like July more than my birth month
Thank you for promoting my post

Yeah, it is indeed
You're welcome ❀️

Yay! πŸ€—
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That is a fabulous card! Excellent work! Bravo! 😊

Well done, and Happy Anniversary! @randula