If You Are Still Gardening in 2020 YOU NEED TO GROW UP!

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It's time!

I think it's time that more gardeners realize this. Often, we are very aware of using the surface area of our gardens to grow plants, but far too often, it seems that the space above the garden is left empty and unused. I say, "It's time we grow up!"

In this video, I show off some example in our garden including Tomatoes, Beans, Goji Berries, Passionfruit, Malabar Spinach, and others. I also show a variety of trellising methods which include using cattle panels, hog panels, rebar, and wire. It's changed my gardening potential for sure, and I hope this inspiration will be a blessing to others as well.

If You Are Still Gardening in 2020 YOU NEED TO GROW UP! - VIDEO

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I have done peas up a panel that last couple of years but decided to grow up again this year, for the first time this year here is my butternut squash.

hello dear friend @ papa-pepper good afternoon
I also think like you, the empty space on our land is wasted, this is my third sowing season since I started cultivating again and this year I have quintupled the planting area.
Congratulations on the great job you are doing.
Have a wonderful afternoon