DIY Ankara Panty Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

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Happy Monday #Needlework

It's been a while I made a post on #needleworkmonday but today, I was inspired by @yoieuqudniram #needleworkmonday post where she made panty for her daughters

So, I decided to make an ankara panty, the process was quite easy, from drafting of pattern to sewing


My pattern was drafted in centimeters using a waist size of 68cm, one can choose to draft in inches, it all depends on personal choice


Here's the front pattern, I adjusted the leg entry to be a bit more curvy


And the back pattern, the bum side was not curvy enough so, I adjusted it as well

Drafting of panty is all about creativity, no standard of style, one can decide to draft the back piece with a keyhole or slash the mid

This is a normal waist panty, alterations can be made to fit into your desired design

For a high waisted panty, one can go up from both sides on the waist depending on how high you want it, and for a low waisted panty, one just needs to come in by some centimeters depending on how low you want it and redraw the waist line using a curved ruler to fit perfectly on the waist because our waist ain't straight so we can't use a straight ruler 📏


And the underlying pattern, the width was gotten from front and back pattern while the length was as desired

Would have drafted this pattern using Natalie Bray's Standard Method of Pattern Drafting but it seems quite complex and time demanding and at the end, this method gives the same result 😹

The pattern is a half scale pattern


I proceeded to cutting one piece both the front and back pattern on fold and cuts two pieces of the underlying pattern on fold too


After then, I proceeded to sewing, I stitched the underlying pieces with the front piece first, placing right side to right side and wrong side to wrong side, leaving the front piece in between the underlying pieces, I repeat the same method for the back piece


Though, sewing of the back piece can be a little very tricky, all I did was to sew the right side facing each other first and then the wrong side inwardly and then, the sides




I avoided pulling the fabrics while sewing because the fabric used for the front piece and the underlying is very stretchy while the ankara fabric is study though a bit stretchy on the grain side



It's my first time sewing an undergarment and I enjoyed the process, it was fun 🤗

Thank you for stopping by ♥


Wow 😮 this looks so beautiful and neatly sow despite the fact that it's your first time. Keep it up

Thank you 🤗

You are welcome

This is beautiful. I'm bookmarking this post for when I want to make mine. I could make a full ankara bikini set 😀

Please do 🤗 and feel free to ask any question. I'll really love to see your ankara bikini set if you eventually make one

Okay 😁 I think I'll make the pant for this bralette I made last year if I still have the same fabric.

The bralette is so nice and fits perfectly

Well, thanks 🙂

See you 😂😂❤

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This is beautiful dear, and it looks really simple too.

Yeah, it really is. Thank you

Hola @adeife2 me gusta mucho tu publicación. Es muy instructiva y agradable como la presentas, la describes y las imágenes. Yo nunca he hecho una panty pero con tu publicación me animo a realizarme una. Felicidades.
Feliz semana para tí.

Hi @adeife2 I really like your publication. It is very instructive and nice how you present it, describe it and the images. I have never made a panty but with your publication I am encouraged to make one. Congratulations.
Happy week to you.

Glad you find it helpful, thank you so much for your kind words, its encouraging

The world of lingerie is so beautiful, it took me a while to understand that it's all about design and not so much about exact hosiery. I'm glad you were able to make this garment, the inspiration finally came 😅.

Yeah, it really is so beautiful. Thank you 🤗🤗🤗

Wow! that was pretty fast! I wonder what fabris did you use on your project?

With the help of pattern drafting, it makes it easier and faster, thanks for the inspiration. I used an Ankara fabric for the back and stretchy lycra for the front.

Oh really. I only j=know few types of fabric .

Okay, you can ask for recommendation at the point of sales from the sales attendant by just showing him/her the style you want the fabric for, that has helped me alot and its the trick to knowing more fabric.

May that too will be learned as we continue on our journey

Yes 🙂 Thank you

Great job thanks for sharing @adeife2

For your first time you did very well, very neat stitching, I loved the design of the fabric.

Thank you 🤗

Looks beautiful and very neat... Good job done

Thank you ♥