This time top down sock knitting / 今回は上から下へ

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Excuse me for posting so much about sock knitting ... it's my winter time passion 😉

I finished one of my yellow socks. After I finished it, I started thinking about knitting the other one from top. Here is why I came up this idea 💡

As I liked a toe up sock knitting pattern that I picked for my first one, I've just sticked to it for long.

Ravelry: Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed pattern by Charisa Martin Cairn

After I knit many socks with this pattern, I remember the pattern almost by heart including Judy's Magic Cast On for toe and short row heel.

(Toes and heels are tricky parts of sock knitting)

But I need a video tutorial to see how to do Invisible Ribbed Bind-off in the end. I don't know why but I always forget it and I make few mistakes (and have to go back and forth) ... Hmmmmm.

Then I started thinking about knitting a sock from top. By doing so, I can start with Twisted German stretch cast on, knit all the way down to heel, make heel by German Short Row Heel for example, and knit down to toe. Closing toe with Kitchener Stitch won't be much complicated than invisible ribbed bind-off.

So I decided to try top down knitting for my other side of the yellow socks. I wish it works well and I find my best practice in the end.


That's my Needle Work Monday. Happy knitting, crocheting, sewing etc to all!


そんな中、ふと爪先に向けて編んだらいいのではと思い立って、もう片方はふくらはぎ側から編み始めることにしました 😊


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Wow this really beautiful thanks for sharing

Thank you too @smilestitches!

Your welcome @akipponn

It will be really interesting to see if the socks look the same or very different!

I wish they'll be somehow the same size wise so that I can wear them comfortably at least ... 😅

That always helps 😂

Love the sock, I wish I can also do the same (^_^)

You shall try once 😁 It's not complicated than we think 🧦

I will (^_^), by the way, what kind of thread am I going to use? @akipponn

Kudos to you for knitting socks from both directions - most people stick to the way they learnt it. About the "German Twisted cast on" (which really is unbelievably stretchy): it has no German name, because it's practically unknown here. I learnt it a year ago (or two?) during Sock Madness and now use it for all my top down stuff. Other name for it is "Old Norwegian" cast on and I'd really like to know what name it has in Norway ;)

I didn't know it's not a German method. I thought it's good to try German methods (German twisted cast on & German short row heel .... isn't it also German? 😅) as I'm a sock knitter in Germany.

We have a popular dish called "German Potato" in Japan. It's stir fried potato on pan with butter, bacon, onion and garlic. My partner said it's not a German dish ... Hokkaido pumpkins are not from Japan. We eat dark skin pumpkins. Hihihi there are a lot of these things 😁

German short rows are really a German thing - simply called "verkürzte Reihen" (and the heel is called "Bumerang-Ferse"). I think they are much more easy to do (and leave a much neater result) than the "wrap and turn"-stuff.

There's a thing called "Japanese short rows" - haven't looked how that works, though. Now's the question: do they know that in Japan?

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Thanks @qurator!

I love socks, and how they look like the ones you knit. I'm starting to knit socks using five needles, I hope I can do it and that they are as beautiful as yours.

I still don't understand your explanation, but I'll keep this content for when I advance more in my learning.


Hi @jicrochet! I'm happy to read that you are starting to knit socks :) But you use five needles! I only can handle two or three ... at most four. I look forward to reading about your sock knitting project.

Nice! I have yet to try socks.

You shall try one in this season! It's still winter 🧦🧦🧦

It sure is! -17 C outside today and I'm not going out there. I'm already looking at more wool. lol

So cooooool you also only knit with three needles, I also do this and often earn „böse Blicke“ and people tell me thats not the right way to knit. But for me its much more comfortable.
I am very curious how the side to side comparison will be between the top down and toe up sock. So far I only knitted top down, but used several techniques for the heel (the last one i wrote about is my favourite so far).
PS: I knitted two balaclavas :-DDD I think we wrote about this kind of hat…

I'm not sure my way of knitting is right ... but something comes out so it should be fine. We should knit in a comfy way 😉
I also look forward to see the difference between the two. Top down knitting might be away stress free than toe up knitting without Invisible Ribbed Bind-off. I'll see how it works. And I must find an easy going heel ............. oh I may be able to do the one I use for toe up??? I must try few.

Yes yes, I remember you suggested me balaclavas. I saw yours on Instagram and liked the pink color. It's so Neumansalva-ish 👍I must find the other one 😁