Peplum blouse with princess dart bustier on a wrapper skirt

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Hello hiveians

Happy new month to you all this beautiful day, I wish us all a September to remember for good and this month, our long awaited testimonies shall be delivered to us..... Amen.


To all needleworker, this is another sewing time, I bring to you today a peplum blouse I made for my sister who insisted that she doesn't want the usual straight skirt for her fabric.


In my previous post, I posted on the making of a wrapper skirt which was made up of a straight skirt then a wrapper was sewn on it to make a wrapper skirt.


After the making of the wrapper skirt, I went ahead to make a peplum blouse for her With a princess dart bustier.

Cutting and sewing process

I am done with the cutting and sewing process of the skirt and blouse, now, I am left with the choice of sleeves to make, as I don't want to make the common sleeves around.





Your suggestions can help me out on the choice of sleeves.


Thanks for viewing my post, enjoy your day and have a glorious month.


Nice work!!!

Thanks so much.

Your dresses are always so nice

Thanks for your comment

Your welcome 😊

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