#NEEDLEWORKMONDAY : I made hot water bottle bags

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Essentials for Making Hot Water Bottles:

Hydrophilic cloths ( 2 )
Sewing machine
Needels and pins
30 minutes**

The nights are getting colder and the fact that
the kids claim its cold in the room with the window open is true,
but you know its healthy!
So I bought two hot water bottles which reminded me of my mum when I was young. She pre-heated the bed when I was a kid and
now I want to do the same for my kids.


The bottles are naked without a jacket when you buy them,
so I just made two myself,
very easy from a hydrophilic cloth and a few sewing lines.


You take a piece of fabric,
or in my case the hydrophilic cloth,
I put it in half and had a double layer for the cover,
so I didn’t have to trow pieces away.


The rubber hot water bottle is not something
I want to the kids legs or feet, but I made
this photo so that you all know what I used.
Its very cheap 5 euros and 30 centimeter long.


I used a thick needle because all the
layers together its 4 so that is to thick
for a normal standard needle on my sewing machine.


The pins I used after I draw on the fabric
with a sewing crayon, in my case a blue one.
The needes I remove when I arrive there with the sewing machine and the needles go back in the green handle on top of the sewing bench part of the machine.


Its sunday morning when I am doing this and yes as you see
I have my tea with milk there to enjoy while sewing.


After the lines are sewed, I have to turn it inside out,
that way you dont see the cutting edges.


I leave a small entrance and roll the bottle to fit in.
That way it is tight and warm in second when the bottle is inside. Normally you buy the jackets included and is it in different fleece fabric, but I looked everywhere and `I just couldn’t find it.
And this way is more special because its mum-made!!


Here is number 1 bottle! I use a big fabric scissor and a small thread pointer scissor for the small cuts.
The blue crayon is for the lines to sew.


This is the other one, the bottle was red,
and the hart fabric is sweet to put over it.
And I put on a bow.

They are ready to go with the kids and warm their beds,
Ohhh how I love those memories from my childhood!

This was made in 30 minutes,
Costs 3 euro for the fabric
10 euro for 2 hot water bottles


Thanks for stopping by,
its appreciated and remember always focus on being creative
instead of being bee-zy.
Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.
Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer.

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Date : 22 November 2021


That is such a nice idea! I preheat the beds and leave the windows open too. I love sleeping under a down quilt in a cool room, except when I have to get up!

You really did a beautiful job putting that together and adding little touches to make them personal.

Great job!

Hi dear yes we dont use heating in the bedrooms, so this is ideal! And i just layer them in bed and made a picture i put them below in the comments

Hope you are doing a bit better in these sad and trying times of loss.
Hugs for you

Very nice! I saw the pictures! I do not use heat in the bedrooms either oh, it is much healthier to sleep. As for me thank you so much for thinking about me and things are okay will do the holidays make the loss even greater. Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sleeping with the heating on causes headaches so yes the best advice sleep with open window even when its freezing

Love it! I made a cover for my hot water bottle too out of a thin fleece-flannel type material? Then I bought a book about knitting covers for them, but I haven't tried that yet. One day when I need a new project, lol.

Ohhhh cool well when you do dont forget to make pictures for the blog

I shall. :)

The bottles in useable by the boys today:



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 82 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


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These scissors are spectacular!

They are hugely sharp , my #featheredfriends scissors hahahahah
@melinda010100 will love them

Feathered Friends scissors! You are right, I do love them! Love your hot water bottle covers too!

I have inhreted them from auntie

I bought a couple a few years ago thinking they will be a good way to stay to help stay warm if I lose power and cannot heat the house on a bitter cold winter day. Thankfully they are still in the box and I have never used them but I like knowing I have them. But if I do I will have to wrap them in towels, I do not have cute covers like yours!

Ah! Ah!! Ah!!! Child's memories are really fun but as a saying goes, the young shall grow.😂
Can you lend me your scissors? It's really eye catchy.😏

They are cool arent they ! I have inherited them from my auntie a great needle worker

Of course, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't find it attractive.

I have inherited them from my auntie a great needle worker

should I say it runs in the families blood?😕
I can't imaging how you felt when she gave it to you.untitled.gif

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Ohhh thank you i highly appreciate it

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42.500 is so cool , we will see the next step

Hello, God bless you, I really liked your project because it protects the bottle.

Yes the kids skin is otherwise to hot to quick

Great job weldon thanks for sharing

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