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I know I am late but I wanted to enter and I still have 1 day before the deadline. Barbie was ready but naked for a few days. I decided to enter and make a design first and had to draw that first and than the #ladiesofhive contest came and there were so many entries, so now I am finishing he clothing line for the contest.

For the information here is the blog :


I started to draw, because the sewing class is not possible due to Covid rules, i now have a new project first in small than in large for myself. Gotta think about the yellow though but for Barbie Britt this is color is ok.


I choose a Christmas dress in light yellow and a set of bags to stay overnight with friends because of the lockdown and evening clock rules. It’s gonna be a dinner party and we all doll up to be festive in these hard times. I used cotton and leather.
I even gave Barbie Britt earrings in yellow from two pins.
This is the sewing basket. With fabrics and yearn in it. The sewing machine you already know from previous blogs.


Rυleѕ for the contest , taken from the original conetst blog :

  • All items you make for Barbie must involve needlework. We will also accept any form of fiber arts that deal with knotting, braiding, felting, lacing or any form of manipulation of fabrics and yarns. You can even combine different needlework techniques together. ✅
  • You must make needlework items for Barbie, Ken or any Barbie sized doll male or female. You do not have to have an actual doll to show but please make sure your items are small enough (Google and Pinterest can give you size equivalence).
    You can make clothing pieces, accessories and necessities (see ideas above).✅
  • You are allowed to use patterns but please be sure to credit the source in your post. Add your signature touch to make it your own :) I MADE MY OWN ✅
  • Only one entry per entrant is allowed!✅
  • Must post your entry directly to the NeedleWorkMonday Community!😉
  • Must leave a link to your contest entry below in the comments so we won’t miss it!✅

Done I met all the rules.


The bags were made this week while I was judge in the @ladiesofhive SHOW THE CONTENT OF YOUR BAG. The bags are glued, and stitched. R









I added a button to the bag.


And a designer sew touch to the corner of the big bag !


Thanks for stopping by,
its appreciated and remember always focus on being creative
instead of being bee-zy.
Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results.
Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer.

Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

I am a proud member off the #theTerminal #lifestylelounge #needleworkmonday and #ladiesofhive and #amazingnature .
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All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me. @brittandjosie originals.

Sources used : It is mentioned in my blog.
When the source is missing, please tell me I am only human and don’t want to do anything wrong or even plagiarise. I do make mistakes. I only use a canon camera and my iPhone for my images.

I would like to thank you for reading my blog, feel free to leave me any feedback, if not, read you next time. #BENICE



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Date : 28 november 2021 october



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 82 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


Wow stunning!!!

Great work @brittandjosie , keep up the good work

Yellow is a great color for a dress

That's great! I'd like to join but am still busy taking care of my 2 weeks old grandson in another city. Better try my luck next time then.

Well the contest maybe over but why not just enter a needlework blog when you do have the time

Yep, I guess I can still do a little magic here....

Let me know and I come to see what you made for magic

That's awesome! Nicely done!

Hi Victor thank you I had so much fun

So wonderful you found the time to participate and with such an amazing entry. I love that you showed us the designing process, how you planned the outfit in sketches. The design with the several layers/tires off the skirt part is wonderful. Only the needles - ahem - earrings :-DDDD I had to scroll away fast to not get nightmares (I am exaggerating, I liked the idea to use the needleheads as earrings)
Looking forward to you making a full scale dress for yourself <3

For needlework class you have to draw , the teacher wants the works so it worked both ways this time because all is online because of the covid rules for groups 🥲 I am still working on an other dress for Barbie just because this is so much fun. Thanks for coming by that means a lot

Wow she looks amazing!! You are such a great design artist. I don’t think I knew you could draw up designs like this. So you’ve been taking a sewing class? It’s really paid off because this dress is beautiful Britt!

I love the soft yellow, the layers on the bottom of the dress, her matching earrings and cute designer bags. Thanks so much for making time to enter, lovely job indeed ~

Oh and don’t forget in order for your entry to qualify you still have to paste your link to the original contest announcement post in the comment section ;)

Yes I am , but now with covid its not possible. But that doesn't stop me. I sewed a few things, and now I am drawing a cape , will be a felt one. I added the link to the conetst blog and thank you for the exposure and your visit

Awesome! You bet! 😉

This is a stunning fashion look for a barbie. I love it. I'm not good at needlework but always admire those who can do wonders with it

Its so nice and not that difficult really

Barbie looks so adorable in that dress and her bag is a lovely match to her yellow dress. You did an amazing job. I wish I was good at needle work then I wouldn't hesitate to join this contest but the last time I tried using a needle, I almost ended like the sleeping beauty princess just that the only difference is I didn't sleep for a hundred years neither did any prince charming come to my rescue. lol.

Hahahhahahaa dear we have finger heads for that they are made of metal.
I love just trying and somethings don't work out but some come out good, and the Barbie dresses did. I hope the yellow beauty will do good in The conetst

It sure will do just fine.

The dress looks great with the layers and belt. I tried to make an earrings for my barbie but it was too big but I just realized now, that a needle pin 📍 only would do the trick, awesome. Congrats and God bless.. 😊

Hahaha that pin was the trick i looked for so many things

And I think I saw others who copy that 🙊. But surely I'll copy that also if I saw it first on your post, lol. Thanks for sharing that trick.😍

Wow this looks so cute thanks so much for sharing

This is a dress i am trying to make myself

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This is great, job well done, how I so wish I can make something like this for my little niece, she will so love it. Thanks for sharing.

I like the design of this formal wear. The pleats added the attraction plus her bag.

Hats off🧢👏👏

3 downvotes and 40 hive gone


By downvoting this post to zero you have basically told the community, who is more forgiving, that they are wrong and you are right. So be it, you've shown what SteemCleaners is and the two with you because you have to have help from your gang, she has not plagiarized or done anything past the things in the past that she has tried to amend for, as we are watching her carefully. Hope you have a nice full life here.

That took a lot of work to do this post, I can appreciate that and so can the others who still believe in you despite someone taking away your rewards. What goes around comes around, mercy will be for those who have shown mercy. Others, not so much @brittandjosie.