NeedleWorkMonday's Needlework Your Barbie Contest! 🌺 Designing the beautiful Barbie's wedding dress.

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    Hello friends, today I'm very excited that the day has finally arrived when we can all publish our work made for our Barbies dolls, I never thought there could be a contest as nice as this one and I definitely now realize that there is still a lot to see on this beautiful platform. I also want to give a round of applause to the creators of this ingenious contest NeedleWorkMonday's Needlework Your Barbie Contest!, once again I am very happy to belong to this wonderful community.

A beautiful love story

To make this wedding dress I was inspired by the beautiful story of love between Barbie and Ken, we have always seen them as the eternal couple, she a pretty girl, blonde, perfect, and he a super handsome guy who does sport and is a model, the guy that any woman would want to have to marry.

As soon as I knew that I was going to be the designer of the wedding dress I started looking for ideas everywhere, I couldn't stop thinking about the model, color, hairstyle and many other things to make it the most beautiful bride in the whole world.

When I had the design in my mind I started to develop it; for example, I knitted the skirt thanks to a pattern I found on a Pinterest page. The link took me to a Russian language site so I didn't understand anything it said, but as all weavers have the same "language of LOVE" I copied it and started to weave.


The materials

In the time they gave us to make our entries to the contest I was able to delight with beauties, definitely the famous Barbie doll is a spoiled of fashion designers, one of the websites that captivated me was TIME BETWEEN YOUR HANDS, hence my idea of the skirt, I wanted something wide, white, but to bring a different fabric, and previously had made the skirt with the typical fan fabric and although it is very beautiful this time I wanted to go further. The materials were also very important, so I got in the market a thin crochet thread very similar to the brand "Carmencita or "Lolly", this thread has the particularity that is brought from Colombia and is very economical, I sincerely recommend it because it is very soft to work.

The pattern


This pattern design seemed magnificent to me, it is called pinecone weave, I made it with 62 chains from the beginning and then I broke down each lap according to the pattern. When I got to the end of the pattern and compared the size from the waist to the ankles of the wrist I realized that it was very short, besides I was sure that by enlarging the skirt with the tulle it was also going to cut the size more, that's why I continued weaving until I made one more pinecone fabric.



In the initial design it was always clear that I wanted to make something like my wedding dress, it was a two-piece skirt and corset, Easy Crochet/Doll Crochet Set so I looked for a video I found on YouTube some time ago that is beautiful; I pictured it blank and knew it was going to look beautiful.

One more suit to go on your honeymoon.


While I was developing my idea I thought about how young she is and how she wanted to take off her wedding dress before she left on her honeymoon, so I made her something simple and beautiful, but also very fashionable among girls. This short fit her very well with the corset and the belt of the dress.


Easy Crochet/Wristlet Set



    I'm happy with the final result, you don't know how I feel just by looking at the dress. The rest of the ideas came by themselves, the veil, the hairstyle, the photos. I loved being part of this LOVE story between the Ken and the Barbie.

Friends at the party


The wedding party was very good, all the bride's friends were enjoying the reunion, each one of them put on their best clothes to be present in the procession.

I hope you liked my wedding dress, I particularly enjoyed this contest and I want to thank NeedleWorkMonday Founder: @Crosheille and the administrators: @muscara and @marblely for coming up with something that I'm sure made all of us happy.

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Images taken with my Kronos-net cell phone camera


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Ermegerd, this is amazing!! Can Barbie and Ken have a wedding every year with you as the dress maker pleeeease? 😁

imagine, now is coming events, the baptism of their children or the wedding of a friend, the renewal of love, and imagine inventing otron vs. wow, it's great

Oh gosh, so much to work with, so may outfits to make!


If you saw the amount of models I found, I would like to make them all, ha hahahha

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Thank you very much, it is very valuable to me, God bless you

Hola Caro... Wao! que belleza, tejiste un vestido soñado para cualquier novia. Y además la barbie lista para la luna de miel, con un short en perfecta armonía con el corse y el cinturón. Todo está alineado, los zarcillos en combinación con el detalle plateado del cinturón. Esto es una precisoura...Definitivamente, de ensueño. Buen trabajo...😍

Muchisimas gracias amiga mia, disculpa que no te deje mensaje en tu vestido hermoso esta mañana pero estuve full con el mio, queria hacer tantas cosas para colocar pero una sola me llevo dos dias, me imagino que el tuyo fue igual, muchas gracias por compartir tambien, apenas me desocupe vuelvo a pasar por que me encantó.

Tranquila... Muchos cariños... El tuyo es de ensueños

Hola carolina, me encantó toda la historia de amor que recreaste para el post. El vestido está hermoso, gracias por compartir el patrón. Felicidades y éxito en el concurso!

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Muchas gracias qurator, I love you

Carolina, this work is totally beautiful 😍, I loved this post and as you have related the story hahaha, it reminded me of my childhood when I played with dolls, although I never had a Ken it did not matter because the main character was the bride and her dress ahahahahaha. Thank you for participating in this contest and sharing your beautiful work with us. This is a very delicate and romantic dress ❤️.

since I was knitting it I imagined all the history and romance, you don't know how I enjoyed and felt inside such beautiful things, maybe all that is reflected in the dress.

That's right, final result is awesome 😇😍

Love it and a white dress all girls and little Barbies want that white dress one day good luck in the contest hope you win

If you are right, I felt all those things one day and while I was knitting that dress I remembered my wedding day and I wanted to live it again, hahahah

Oh my my! This is absolutely stunning! Wow you did such a wonderful work on this wedding dress and her honeymoon outfit! The stitches, the belt piece and how the dress flows outwardly was handcrafted so well! Kudos to you on such great work. I love the photos! 😍 Ken looks very excited to be spending the rest of his life with her! 🥰

Although I was very afraid of not arriving on time, I took the time to make the post look as good as possible and present you with something worthy of you, I respect and love you very much. I think you understand me perfectly what I feel because we speak the same language of "LOVE for the fabric". Your design is also spectacular.

You certainly accomplished your goal!!

Thank you so much Carolina that makes me feel so special and means a great deal to me. I definitely understand where you are coming from...we do speak that same language when it comes to love of the fabric. 😉☺️ I too admire you and respect the work that you do. You are one of a kind here and a good dear friend. I love you very much as well and always enjoy what you bring forward. 🌸💕

Hola. ¡Cuánta elegancia veo aquí!¡Realmente bello! Impecable. Un tejido para crocheteros nivel medio. Me encantó. El atuendo del shorts llamó mi atención. Muy elegante y casual. Muy completa la prenda. Felicidades. ¡Mucha suerte!

Y muy facil de hacer, lastima que no me alcanzó el material, te cuento que en el vestido completo gasté 50 gramos del hilo colombiano. gracias a Dios me alcanzó porque tuve que alargarlo un poco más. Gracias por tu apoyo.

Te quedó bello. Valió hasta el susto 🤭 lograste tu objetivo. De impacto 😍

Con el apoyo de la familia.

Trail de TopFiveFamily

Muchas gracias, ustedes son equipo maravilloso

Waooo que hermoso te quedó, de verdad que hay que tener mucha paciencia y dedicación para hacer estas cosas! Yo a penas se coser hahahaha

Es muy facil, sis abes coser ya tienes medio camino andado, intentalo.

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Gracias cornell, te amo.

Your Barbie has underwear!!! This is such a cute story and also a little suprise. I at first only saw your amazing dress - I love the pineapple pattern on the skirt - and I would never have thought that you also styled your Barbie beneath this wonderful bridal gown. And that she even had friends (in handmade clothes) on her party: wow.
thank you so much for your entry <3

I am happy, I think that in the end I designed my wedding clothes in some details, I am an eternal lover of LOVE

Your work it's so lovely! Barbie bride is so pretty! Congratulations

Thank you very much for your words, I love that you liked it. happy day

One of the best dress of barbie in the contest that I ever saw. This one is so gorgeous and stunning and I love every detail of it. Congrats @carolinacardoza for the job well done.

I did it with a lot of love for the community that has helped me so much in these years, I think they deserve that we put everything of us in each publication, @needleworkmonday are my virtual family and I love them very much. God bless them.

Qué hermoso trabajo, con botón y todo!!
Me encantó @carolinacardoza

Que bueno que te gustó, lo hice pensando en cada detalle,en verdad quedé tan enamorada de esteb trabajo como tu. definitivamente el crochet hace magia y si le pones corazon a lo que haces queda más hermoso todavia.

Le pusiste muchísimo corazón!!!

Congrats! Your dolly is so beautiful and dress crochetifully. Pineapple stitch really cool!