Diy of a Ruffle gown for kids

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Hello hivians

Morning to us needlework community🤗
It's another Monday to showcase our beautiful needle works and it's my pleasure to be a part this week's get together ☺️


I've made enough kids dresses to last a lifetime this past week😂 (on a light note). It's "kids dresses project week" at work and I can say I've been encouraged and applauded by the needleworkers here for the work well done and I must say it's goes a long way so, thank you all for the encouragements and comments.

Today it's a Ruffle gown for kids. Ruffle is to gathered the edge of fabric, often used to embellish the waist or sometimes wrist. It is done using a strip of fabric, when gathered or pleated, will create a wrinkled edge that adds a ruffled line to a garment's straight edge.


To make a waist Ruffle gown I'll need just the half length and the waist measurements of the kid multiply by 3 length of fabric (can be more or less depends on preference)

I'll make a running stitch on the length of the fabric then I'll ruffle it back to the waist measurement by now it should give the ruffled look already like this


After this it's just to join the ruffle to the half lenghth


Do all necessary finishing touches (weave, iron and check for corrections if any too)


And just like that we have our ruffle gown for a kid. The same goes for adults too, the only difference will just be the measurements used


thanks for stopping by

have a lovely week ahead... Love you💃


It's so so so cute 😍

Awwwwwwnnn 🥰
Thank you so much

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Such a beautiful gown you made, well done.

Thanks🤗 @vickoly


Thanks @bleuclair

Keep up the good work dear ❤️


I love this dress, it is so beautiful

I'm so happy you like it
Thanks 🥰🥰

This is so lovely and cute for a baby girl. ❤

Thanks sis 😌🤗