Faux Leather Skirt

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An elasticized waist is a lazy way to make a skirt from a rectangle, but lazy was a good thing for me after all the trouble I had wrangling a zipper into a pleather dress last month! This day's project was a fast and easy pleather skirt made from a rectangle cut a little wider than my hip measurement and a piece of elastic equal to my waist measurement.


For an almost invisible hem, I sewed wide lace hem facing to the edge of the skirt bottom, then folded the pleather under just enough to keep the lace from showing on the right side. I topstitched about 3/8 inch from the folded edge.

Finally, I sewed some metal studs around the hem at about 6-inch intervals to embellish the skirt while also tacking the lace hem facing in place under the skirt.


The waist looks bulky, but it is not really--and I will wear it with tops that cover the waistband.



I couldn't see the lace in the skirt. or Im just so blind to see. That's a pretty good work of yours. Keep it up

The lace is inside, covering the raw edge of the hem.

it covers the edge of the hem so it won't hurt you when wearing it? Wow! that's a great idea. leathers can be stiff and can cause irritation on the skin

Loved those ruffles! I think it's a great work.

This just looks amazing so perfect thanks for sharing @fiberfrau