My DIY Facemask Protection against COVID-19 | My First Needleworks

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Hello Everyone!!!

This will be my first #Needleworks as inspired by some of the Needleworkers like @sarimanok and @jurich60. Even though I am not a good needleworker but I really tried my best and I hope everyone will like it.


Shown in the photo are the finished product of my #DIY Facemask.



  • Clean Clothes
  • A piece of cardboard or any paper shaped like facemask as pattern .
  • Scissors
  • Thread and Needle
  • Chalk



Draw a pattern of your facemask in your clean clothes using the cardboard and chalk.


After you draw a pattern using a chalk, cut it using your scissors. Slowly but surely, together with those two circle at the both side for your ears.





In the above photos shows that you must sew the parts close to the nose and chin with the needle and thread.

Finish Product of #DIY Facemask.



This are the finished product of my #DIY Facemask. It is simple but it really helps me protecting myself from any virus especially this COVID-19 crisis.


To God be the Glory!!!

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Nice! Nindot siya e double para kapal. Okey ang idea na no garter, may hole na siya

Nice idea ate, try nko sunod

Hi there! WOW, You really did it. That's a good start and I really appreciate your effort. Don't you know that men are the better tailors and fashion designers that women? It's good that you're making your own masks as prevention of this deadly virus. Keep it up!

Thanks ate.

Good job.keep it up.


Some fabrics might fray if you just cut them, but this is better than nothing :)

Thanks.. Yes it is better than nothing..

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