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Every time I saw some beautiful clothing designs, I can't help but imagine my crochet version of that specific design but it only remains in my imagination until it was forgotten. It did happen a lot whenever I'm in the middle of a commissioned project. Most of them were dresses, sets, and rompers that require a longer period of crocheting. Since it's a new design, I'll be using the trial and error technique to get it perfect and that would add some other time. Sometimes I wished I could crochet as fast as my mind was processing the design but I know it would be impossible.

When #NeedleworkMonday organized an event of needle working the Barbie, I learned to put my designs in mind in minis (same size as my Barbie). That would be a perfect idea to put all the designs in real life with Barbie as my model. That would save more time plus you can check if the desired design will be possible and easy to copy in real size.

I was too excited to test my newfound idea so I quickly grabbed my yarn and crochet hook to begin. I choose emerald color, the color of my birthstone.

I begin with two triangular shapes for the bust area, attach both of them in an overlapping manner then continue downward on the tummy area (double crochet on every stitch on the 1st row), and made a dc-chain (skip 1 stitch) pattern for the belt later on the 2nd row and increase on the 3rd row by making 2 double crochet in every stitch. On the crotch area, I made 5 chains connecting from the front to back, Then double crochet on every stitch on the left leg (as shown on the 4th picture above) until it reached the middle of the lower leg and made a decreasing effect as I did on the last picture.

I just made chains as ties on the triangular shapes to be tied on the nape area.

I also made a pair of boots, a bag, and a summer hat to complement the whole outfit.

And it was all done in just one day. I feel so happy and satisfied with my artwork. What makes it more satisfying is that it is a product of imagination put into reality. And I'm planning, the moment I'm done with all the commissioned projects, I will remake this kind of project in a real-life-size.

Before I was able to post my entry on the #Needleworkmonday's contest, I'm already done with this and considered this as my entry since there should only be one per entree instead of that wedding gown but as I consulted my family and let them vote for the best costume, the one that got most of the votes was the bridal gown. Well, I can't say no also since I dearly love the two of them. Anyway, I still have that chance to share it here and ask for your opinions, remarks, and suggestions about this project. So feel free to do so.

Hope you enjoy everything that I share and can inspire others. God bless everybody and congratulations to all the participants of the contest.

(I used my pictures, edited in CANVA app.)
@jonalyn2020 is a crochet entrepreneur, a mother of two, and a full-time housewife.

A timid person who loves to stay alone in the corner doing her crochet thingy. She accepts made-to-order projects of anything related to crochet.

To order, feel free to message me through my FB Page: and Instagram:

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Thank you @diyhub and @stevenson. 😊 God bless.

Winner na winner yung outfit ni Barbie!!! Pang sosyalera! Haha. Favorite ko yung bagelya. Ang bongga.

Salamat po..😊 bagelya talaga hehehe..iniisip q nga, n baka wrong decision aq s pagpili ng entry q s contest..🙈 eto sana..

How beautiful I want an outfit like this. 😘

Thank you @ayleenr. 😘 Yes, it's a great outfit for you too. 😊 It's just that, it takes longer to make our size.

Yes hahaha but waiting is worth it, I loved it.❤️

But of course, I already doubled my crocheting speed just to finish the other orders as I really wanted to create the real size for this romper.😊

Hello @jonalyn2020

Luxury this outfit, every detail is fantastic, the bag and the hat invite you to a walk on the beach. Divine the color you selected, I loved it.

I'm waiting for your publication to see the pending dress to share.

Thanks for showing us your creativity through the result of this work.


How I wish I could make the real size sooner and be able to share it here. I'm in love with this outfit too. Thank you for your nice comment @jicrochet.😊 God bless.

Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @qurator and @EwkaW for curating.😊 God bless.

Wow can't believe my eyes @jonalyn2020 weldone

Thank you @smilestitches. 😊

Your welcome @jonalyn2020

This is sooooo adorable!!! I especially love her hat!! ❤️

Thanks sis. 😊

This is sooooo adorable!!! I especially love her hat!! ❤️

se ve tan bella tu barbie, me encanta el color, los accesorios y todo me gusta, te felicito, esta todo muy bien hecho.

Muchas gracias. 😊

To be honest I even like this crochet outfit more. It may be because of the dark green which I really love as a color but also because I think the wide pouffy trousers are super fashion forward. I cannot remember to have seen such a garment made for Barbie.

I'm having regrets now on choosing which is which should be on my entry on the contest, lol. But I'm still happy that many expressed their liking on this Barbie's outfit. Thank you so much @neumannsalva. 🥰 Now I'm excited to try making the real size version of this outfit. If only it would only take a day also, hahaha.

Just adorable the whole outfit and the woven accessories, I loved the color you used and definitely love the hat and the bombache pants. I congratulate you for this excellent entry. Thanks for joining the contest once again.

Thank you @kattycrochet. This one isn't my entry but the other white colored bridal gown

I'm having regrets now on choosing which is which should be on my entry on the contest, lol. But I'm still happy that many expressed their liking on this Barbie's outfit. Thank you so much. 🥰

Oh, Sorry,I haven´t seen your real entry, but this outfit is really great. The White dress is so beautiful too.

8s ok. 😊 I'm glad you also like the other outfit of my Barbie. Can't wait to make the real size version of the green romper. 🥰

You have done a wonderful work there, @jonalyn2020.

Thank you so much @zorank. 😊 God bless.

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I don't do crocheting but the outfit looks good and fashionable! Nice one!

Thank you so much @mutedgeek.😊 God bless

Well done! You are very creative 😍

Thank you @lifewithera.😊 God bless..

I love this color, and making it this style of pants was something very original. I very much admire you knitters, who can do something in any size without problems. Excellent! ❤️

Thank you so much @lauramica. If only you're near, I could teach you if you want.😁