NeedleWorkMonday: Needlework Your Barbie, Alexie's Casual Wear, My Entry

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Hello everybody,

I was so busy this past weeks with caregiver mode to hubby, housechores and travelling that when I arrived home late, so tired, flat and right away fell asleep. No more time to crochet or design complicated wardrobe for Barbie, only this simple casual wearable I can afford to design my borrowed Barbie I named, Alexie's Casual Wear.


Actually after reading the post of @crosheille about Needlework Your Barbie Contest, I really thought I can't make an entry because I do not have a Barbie to crochet a dress. The neighbor store where I used to buy dolly have no more stocks since pandemic time she did not order again dolly's. Then, I remembered Alexie, my granddaughter left a dolly with a crocheted dress. So, I got it from the things they left. Then got yarn from my stash. I cut the back part of the dolly and replaced with the new one.
Here is the old dress.


I just learned yesterday from my 2nd daughter, Ada, that the dolly was given to her by my hubby's Aunt,that I still did not meet yet happened to be a doll collector and crocheted them dresses. So, this one is her baby, too. She resides also here in our City living in another Barangay. Soon, I will visit her and meet her. Then, the doll was just borrowed by Alexie, when they were here in Cebu with us.

With time constraint, I was having a hard time thinking what to design, even I searched Pinterest. Until I just make chains and formed the upper part then decided it would be a top and skirt.


Using 5 ply milk cotton (pink) and 4 ply indophil yarn from my stash using 3mm hook then constructed the top and skirt with double crochet and simple chains to form the headband also the tie knot sleeves including the back closure.


The dolly have now a new dress. That is simple but on the go.

Thanks for dropping by...




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Gustong gusto ko talaga yan gansilyo

Kaya mo yan oy sa YouTube dami tutorial makalingaw dili ka sige isip ng past ahehehe

Hahaha pero di pwd da trabaho ko.

maganahan gyud ana ako mga anak Ate. kay mga Barbie diri sira na mga damit heheh

Mao ba himoon nako give me ila sukat...give ko ra sa ilaha.

Beautiful @jurich60

Thank you, you like her dress.

Yea I do and your very good at it I must admit @jurich60

Ohhhh jurich she looks so sexy in the crochet rainbow dress. I love it. And i would love to own such a dress myself.
Good luck in the contest dear

Oh, thank you much you like this simple casual dress up.

Nice one sis. Mani lang sau yan kapuringgit na doll Kaya.:) Kararating ko lang sa bahay. Will see what I can do.

Hirap din maliit Sis unya dako Ang hook Kay kapal Ang yarn, hirap din mag isip Ng design.

A beautiful outfit. You had a beautil doll. I don´t have a Barbie either, so i made a doll, so funny!

Thank you yeah she is beautiful.

This is really nice
Good job @jurich60

Thamk you for liking the dolly.

Simple, cute and stylish! I like the colors you chose. I’m glad you were able to borrow the Barbie for the contest.

Thanks for your entry ~

Yrs just on time, thsnks much you like her outfit.

Nice design, ganda para sa Barbie dolls!

Thank you type mo Ang dress.

Very creative ate. 😊

Thank you...

it turned out very stylish! great! 😀

Thanks much you like the design...

So nice you took the time to make an entry for the contest although you are occupied with so many things (I hope you find time to relax <3) I love the casual dress and the corset like backside, very clever method to close the top. I imagine your Alexie will go either to the beach with this cute dress or meet with friends for a nice womens afternoon.

Thanks you love the design, yeah, grsteful enough i have the time to make this dress.

Wow ang sexy and ang pretty na ng Doll momshie @jurich60 a
simple yet classy!

Good job, I love this doll's little face. How good that she could be your model in this project ❤️.

Hello, @jurich60!

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