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Hello everybody,

Today I wanna share another recycling projects : how to convert shopping or garbage plastic bags into fashionable items you can make for yourself , as gifts or sell for additional income.

Items shown here were my past projects I made using Plarn. Like this gorgeous hat, a water repellent hat, I made for my eldest daughter, she wore on their mascarade ball at their office party.


The material was Plarn.


I week before their party, my daughter called me on the phone asking what would I suggest for her to wear for their party. Brain storming and looking at my craft supplies, I told her not to worry, just visit me here on the mountain, 3 days before the party. That gorgeous hat was the result and she really liked it because it matched her outfit.

Another example: Mini plarn hats


One afternoon my neighbor passed by and asked if I could make a birthday giveaways for her daughter's 1st birthday with less cost because they were on a tight budget. So, I suggested the plarn hat which I posted in my timeline then the printed picture of her daughter attached to the front of the hat. She liked it but not keychain type.
Here's the result:


What is PLARN?

Plarn is plastic shopping bag or garbage bag cut along the width, join the strips to form a ball like yarn that can be crocheted to a usable items like bags, mat, hat, give -aways etc. I cut it like this:


Here were used ones I washed and air dry formed into plarn and last picture right, I crocheted into bag base, travelling bag actually


Another one was this custom made to order I made with new plastic bag I bought at the grocery section. The owner, my friend Lila, was so happy because she used it when she travelled to Palawan then the bag drop half way into the sea while she rode the small fishing boat of her cousin, the bag was water repellent, then also her things were safe inside she placed in a thick plastic ziplocks.


Just beware not to include biodegradable plastic bags because it will self destruct in 6 months, ha ha ha I experienced this collecting used plastic bag then turn into plarn. I made a simple market bag using filet stitch, whoa! after how many months I wondered why it has many torns all around, the plarn not durable it crumbled!


Thank you much @kennyroy for this Hive footer.

Once again, thank you @crosheille for founding #needleworkmonday Community together with your active admins @muscara @marblely @shanibeer

To you who read this, knew how to hold a needle, have you made something using a needle? am inviting you to join this community.


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It's very pretty po and creative.

Thank you kabayan.

Ang galing! Eto pala yung sinasabi mo sa kin na plarn. Very nice! Marami pa man din akong naipon na plastics. Ginagamit kong basurahan pero sobrang dami na ngayon kasi si hubby ang namamalengke, ayaw makipagtalo sa mga tindero/tindera na nag-iinsist na gumamit ng plastic kahit na may eco bag siyang dala. hehe. Gawin ko nga to sa mga extra kong sando bags.

Sige, magamit yong big hooks mo.

Ubra kaya yung bamboo hooks ko dito? haha. Di ko pa nasmoothen kasi wala ako nailfile. Yung papel de liha ko naman, yung extra rough lang ang meron kami dito. hehe

Double ended gold hook ang nice dyan

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Thank you much

Galing ng imagination at creative ng mind nyu ate @jurich60

Thank you magawa mo din yan Neng.

Wow! Super resourceful and creative. At least those plastic bags were upcycled into very pretty pieces. I wish I knew how to crochet, but.. meh! haha

Start na it is not late mag gansilyo na kabayan.

It's great that you make something out of these plastic bags!

Just the recycling movement instead of throwing right away we can create something @muscara

I love the yellow hat! It looks like straw/raffia. We wore hats like that in the 70s--called them "picture hats."

True, nice 1970's I think I was 13 yrs old then the time of woodstock, the time my mother made me a pineapple dress and almost all houses in the Philippines the curtains were crocheted with filet stitch the pattern that the cross stitchers were using.Many knew how to crochet then in 1980 little by little not taught in schools anymore.

THat's a brilliant idea - thanks for the tip about avoiding bio-degradable bags 😂

Yeah hehehe mostly now the production of plastic shopping bags are biodegradable

Wow, want to learn that kind of recycling plastic bags turning into beautiful bags also momshie

Sige just pm me...

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Hmm, that's a swell idea. Now I have other things in mind too. Thanks for the idea sis!

Very good initiative! I've wanted to do that for a long time, only the colors of the bags I have don't match and I don't want to buy bags (jaja). I'll keep on collecting more and more bags. Good vibes!

Napakadami naming plastic bag sa bahay, thanks for the post. Very inspiring na puwede pala maging "plarn" at gawing ibang bagay. May natutunan na naman ako dito sa HIVE ngayon. :)

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Beautiful job!! I really love how you crochet the plarn...
Thank you for share