What hides in my bags and suitcases, introducing my WIPs, or my relationship to the work in progress!

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Unfinished projects are probably the most uncomfortable aspect of living the life of a creative person.

Can you imagine how many times I looked in this bag, a suite case, the attic or the basement, going there full of motivation to pick an unfinished project and get it done? Then you open the box and a wave of things you completely ignored the existence of crashes over you. You see piece by piece going through your hands followed by imagination and pictures of how awesome those could turn out, if you would finish them.

You think you found the one you’ll attack this time, but oh there is another one, even better… or another one… and so on. Suddenly you realize you spend hours looking through the stash, because you are getting hungry, and there is no worst moment to start anything then getting dizzy because your body is asking for food. So, you don’t start anything at all, once more the projects are getting abandoned…

I am not even mentioning all the new Ideas and inspirations I get in my everydays life. So, at what stages is a project becoming a neglected WIP, or just a new idea? Maybe something between two weeks and years…

I must draw some separations between different sorts of abandoned projects though. There are fabrics, some already have ideas attached to them of what they should become. Some are more of a material supply to choose from.

In my case I have lots of secondhand clothes, I wanted to upcycle, mainly men shirts.

…and things I made, even finished but still would have to take some adjustments. Or wanted to make some addition out of the leftovers.

As this fabric is, for example. I made some trousers out of it, convinced to create a matching top for it (might still happen). Meanwhile I got to use the leftover fabric as a backround for photos, and like it too much that way to turn it into a top.

Now that that’s said you have a bit of an idea how I feel about all my unfinished projects.

So, let’s get into the projects I will finally face now during the next two months. To be honest I wanted to do that for ages (obviously, otherwise it wouldn’t be work-in-progresses), so thanks to @crosheille to make this a subject in the @needleworkmonday community! And make me do it finally! :)

To begin I choose those two projects; a ramie shirt/dress and a silk dress, that I wanted to upcycle for ages.

Usually, I choose the project I want to do by the fabric, that inspires me most by its color and touch.

The ramie dress is about a year old (or even older) I got it in a secondhand shop, because I liked the fabric. I thought I could wear it as it was, as a dress meets shirt kind of garment. I didn’t like it.
So, I started to change it and had in mind to turn it into a nice, cute simple summer dress. Therefore, I dyed it with black tea (which gives this gold-brown color it has now).

…that’s where I gave up.

…and that’s where I’ll start again. With a different idea though, this time I want to go for an apron-dress. Kind of a mix between dungarees and dress as well. That you could wear over your clothes or as a dress itself.

The second project is going to happen with this purple silk dress, that I got on a flew market (also for the fabric). I find it quite cute but still thought that it could have even more potential. So here we go after I neglected it for about half a year…

I want to turn it into a two-piece, crop top with same fabric shorts. In addition, I am going to use some linen fabric that has just the same tone of purple.

And hopefully we will see some outcome of those Ideas by next Monday:)

Thank you for the time, the exchange and encouragement!! Have a lovely week!


😂 this is really surprising @kesityu.fashion 😂 that's greet tho thank for sharing

thanks to stop by once again @smilestitches !!😊

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Do we share a brain per chance??? 🤣 When I read how you „tackle“ your abandoned projects I immediately saw myself browsing through all of my half finished knitted things only to jump to the computer - after hours of searching for the right wip - look up new designs and start something completely unrelated (wips abandoned again).
The upside: you are creative and imaginative. The downside: there are - ahem - „some“ wips in our cupboards and boxes :-DDD
But so nice you have chosen some project to start with. And I looooove the lilac hues of the dress and your linen. I am very interested to see what you will make with this.

Hahah yes it looks like we do share some brain, for the better and the worst😅 well I am glad you understand! and yes the internet well thats the worst, when you try to get things done I agree!! sometimes I also suspend myself from it on purpose, to calm down with all the over-inspiration (something like that) :)

Abandoned projects are so common among all of us, creators of whatever :p I love your collection of clothes that could once become something, and I'm glad that the turn of some of them has finally come. I'm especially interested in those purple garments, I love that color, the result will be very good.

I'm sure that these projects will not disappoint. See you next week ❣️.

Thank you for your lovely comment once again!!:) Yes I am going to try to do something with the purple fabric this week:)

I congratulate you for your initiative, despite that evil that floods us when we get demotivated with some work and leave it in the corner of oblivion, but I am confident that in this journey you will achieve much and more.

Thank you to stop by and for your encouraging comment!!:) Indeed, now one week later(since it took me ages to reply) I managed to do some work on them, I am glad... :)

It was totally a pleasure to start this. I could hear the whines and cries from all of the hidden WIPs and I knew it was time to stand up for them. 😄😁

Okay on a serious note, I am excited to see you have two projects ready to tackle. I really want to see this crop top and short set. I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to dye clothing but I admire those who do…especially when using safe food products to do so.

We’re rooting for you! Have fun getting these together!! 😉

Oh and I LOVE those wide leg trousers you’re wearing!! 😍

Ooh it took me ages to reply...
Well yes I must say it is indeed a challenge, difficult but exciting! And I already went through all sorts of opposite emotions in the process so far😅
Thank you for your reply, it is a pleasure everytime!!💕

Hahaha that’s okay. I’m on here now trying to catch up on my replies. Sometimes it’s just that way. 😄

I’m glad through it all it’s still exciting for you ~ 💓

Ahhh, I love your post here, dear @kesityu.fashion !! You inspire me ssooo much, by sharing your process in this way! As @neumannsalva says below; I also approach my creative sewing projects in this horizontal, spontaneous feminine way.... I'm finding my anchor, but feel very 'behind' in how many projects are begun, and how many are unfinished! So glad of the company in this wonderful community!!

Thank you so much for this lovely reply!! Indeed it is so nice to see and read how different or similar we approach those projects or feel about them:) It makes the whole thing a bit less overwhelming to know that it can be shared!!