The 3rd Granny Square Pillowcase With Flowerettes

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Hello Fellow Needleworkers!

Hope you have a good start of the week. I haven´t been around here lately because our moving-in to the new flat has already began. Slowly we are bringing things day by day. We are still in the old house tho as the kitchen in the new flat will only be delivered and installed this week.

Granny Square Pillowcase

In today´s post, I will be showing you this granny square pillowcase made of simple squares in various colors. The design of each square is very basic and I have interchanged the the colors of the thread to give the pillowcase a twist.

Granny 6.jpg

Granny 1.JPG

Granny 2.JPG

I simply attached each square by crocheting the last row with a beige color thread as I go, hooked the thread to the last row of the next granny square and so on and so fort.

Granny 3.JPG

One method to attach the squares is to hand sew using the same thread. Either way, both are durable methods.

granny 7.jpg

Granny 5.jpg

The flowerettes were made extra and attached to the center of the granny square... I think they made the pillowcase alive.

Granny 6 - Kopie.jpg

Stay Safe Everyone!


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GIF by @gremayo

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Lovely pillow in bright summer colors. The pillow reminds me of the colors of the seventies and cool vintage style. I am a big fan of crocheting everything together, I think this is a huge advantage in crochet, that this is possible (instead of knitting, were you have to hand sew everything.
I hope your kitchen comes soon and you can move completely into your new house <3

Hello darl, how are you? How´s your garden doing? Yeah, the pillowcase is like a tribute to that era since granny square motifs had long been here decades ago. Yeah, the kitchen installation schedule is rather late because of Covid although we ordered it in Feb already before the lock-down. I am anxious how it would look like come Friday. thanks and take care, see you and have a nice Monday evening.

Sooo Crochetiful! Ahahaha, I wanna copy this my inspiration for my future granny squares many possibilities project.