DIY how to make butterfly sleeves and press buttons for garment construction

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Hello Hive.

Weekend is upon us and am glad that we could get some rest and retire from several work.
I had @crosheille complaining about been overwhelmed with alot to do and mine isn't so much different too.
With tones of housechore to be done and an eye on the kids plus I have to go to work at our apprentice store where am learning more about fashion.
Weekend is always an opportunity for me to relax and I hope that you all get some rest too.





Today I bring you the finished working process of my dress from this post which I started last week and made some handsome progress finishing it up today.

I made some cover button in this manner to decorate the front bodice
All I needed to do was cut some piece of the fabric and wrap around the plastic cover button,
Place it in a dice and press them together using this machine.



For the sleeves a butterfly sleeve is like a flair but with unequal circumference because the armhole is lower than the shoulder.
After cutting you won't be seeing any longer length emerging from the armhole.


To make this I used my sleeve circumference with a 7inch length for the first sleeve and a 5" length for the second plain sleeve layer.

  • Measured the mid of the sleeve
  • And a circle toward the end of one of the circles...

You can use a quarter of the round armhole circumference to get that circle measurement.


That was fixed to my sleeves and the last part was the weaving section to secure the edges of the fabric.



Now am so glad that I could finish a dress in just two sitting instead of working on it multiple times.

With that I have a new beautiful and decent church dress with style. ❤❤❤❤

Thanks for reading.


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Thank you 🙏


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This is beautiful and it fits you very well too. Good job @monica-ene.

Thanks dearie ❤

Yeah, you're welcome dear 🤗.

Nice wear and it fits you well. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks dear.

This is so beautiful! The dress looks good on you, with this, I have a sleeve idea for my dress in making. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks dearie.
Good to hear from you.

Same here dear, I must say you are doing great with your sewing skills. Keep it up and stay focused,the lord will see you through.

The gown looks good o, as you won't borrow me like this, I've outing this Saturday.

If only you can cross dress 😂😂😂

Smile, lemme go and take some guide from Bob

Beautiful thanks for sharing @monica-ene very nice place I guess this is your new place

Thanks dear ❤

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that dress looks very lovely on you!! and also I was just wondering how you make butterfly sleeves recently, so I am glad I came across your post, to give me an idea of how to get there..:)