Learning How to Sew Babies outfit.

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Hello Hive


This is one most challenging task ahead for me this week.
I heard that you cannot call yourself a good fashion designer if you don't know how to sew clothes in all measurements.


Am always afraid of sewing babies cloth along side adults with large body size or very chubby with folds along their body shape.

Every outfit I have been sewing so far has been for petite measurements with straight shape kinda.
No big tummy, hip or very curvy shape.


I heard that once you are able take your measurements well, all will fit but how can I measure a baby.
Some googling was needed, I checkout the measurement for baby under a year old and got series of measurements in centimeter and inches but am even more comfused, am not so sure of all those measurement.


Trying to measure her proved futile so am going to have to try some measurements to see if this works.

Shoulder 8
Bust circumference 22"
Waist circumference 29"
Half length of 7"
Chest line of 4
Full length 22

Am going to work with this and if its had any mistakes, I may have to learn from that and probably I will be good and sewing babies outfit.

Her birthday is in few days time and I want to make good use of every tiny pieces to make something nice for her

Since I can sew,there will be no need to buy expensive outfits from the market.



This is the more reason I chose this sequence velvet to add some shine to the babies cloth.

All of this work will be done along side my wip as I have a jacket looking at me right in the eyes.

I hope I can survive the stress of the coming weeks.... So much to catch up with including a dream dress for my birthday.


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Oh sis I feel you. Congrats and keep doing it.

Thanks dearie ❤