Cute Crochet Sling Bag

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Cute Crochet Sling Bag (1).png

First things first. I got the yarns I won on a paid raffle. I don't usually join these paid raffles because it's like betting. But then the yarn seller has been really nice to me on all our transactions, I thought a little something for that raffle won't hurt my pocket that much. Besides, the post for that raffle kept on showing up on my feed. I thought why not, right? So I watched the Facebook Live video for the raffle, but as names slowly get removed from the wheel, I got stressed out, so I stopped watching.

The seller spins the wheel and if your name gets selected, your name gets removed. This will happen until all the names have been selected. The last name to be chosen will be the winner. For the love of me, I couldn't find my name. I thought I was out already. The stress of watching the wheel turn, plus the uncertainty of whether or not I was still in the game got the better of me. I stopped watching after a few minutes. I think half has been eliminated that time.

Cute Crochet Sling Bag (3).png

I only found out that I won because the seller tagged me in the post congratulating me. I was lulling my kid to sleep that time, and she has just drowsed off. I wanted to scream because man, that's 28++ kg of yarns, plus a mini yarn winder and to top it all, the seller will shoulder the shipping! Christmas came early indeed! And I'm a happy kid sitting there right beside our Christmas tree, grinning from ear to ear with the stash I have no idea how to store. My first thought was that I would give a part of it to my mom.

She's starting to crochet again. And after what our family went theough this year, I am on a mission to spoil my siblings and my mom.

Cute Crochet Sling Bag (2).png

So my mom is crocheting again, but after years of hiding her talent, she needed a refresher. I took the liberty of buying her a new set of crochet hooks, accessories, and yarns. She regularly calls me just to say she sold one of her projects and she's really excited because now, she has a lot of MTOs.

To update her with the latest trending crochet designs so she can hook more orders, we do regular video calls so I can show her how to make designs for purses, cellphone bags, and coin purse. She felt a bit silly at first because she said she used to be the teacher, now she is the student. There's no greater mark of validity than your own mom telling you how your work has improved and how she always wants me to make her whatever bag I am currently working on. Now, even if the whole world says my crochet is trash, I wouldn't mind because first of all, they're not, and second of all, my mom loves my craft!

My vaccination project
Now on to the crochet project I finished during my first vaccine shot.

Cute Crochet Sling Bag (4).png

I was told there would be a short wait time for the vaccine. It would only take a little over 5 minutes. It's a good thing I am a person with trust issues, I brought along with me my newly bought Susan Bates inline crochet hook and one 220 gram cone of polyester yarn. I bought these yarns from Shopee. The Susan Bates inline crochet hook has been in my wishlist for some time, I have almost forgotten about it. I finally took the time to buy it from This is the very same website I bought my crochet comeback kit. No, they don't have a package like that, I just picked a pack of colorful hooks with different sizes, a whole bunch of yarns and started crawling my way back into crocheting.

While I was waiting in line for my shot, I realized I was going to be there for hours. Why not make the wait a bit more productive, right? I started working on a granny square. It was simple, it was easy, and if I end up with a big square, it'll be easy to just chug it inside my bag once it's my turn.

And indeed, the wait was really long because by the time I was waiting in front of the clinic (there were like a million stops before you get to the vaccination area itself), I was already halfway through my second square. All that's missing is the leatherette base, and the strap. I purchased this strap from the same seller, Roxas Yarn. A very hardworking and passionate crocheting momma who is not only talented, but is also a very good entrepreneur. Go on ahead and check out her Shoppee store, I posted her link above.

Cute Crochet Sling Bag (5).png

I attached the base, the cover, and the strap at home while binge-watching The Good Doctor's 4th season. As usual, my sister wants me to make her a crochet purse when we both went on a samgyupsal date. So now,I'll have to make another one for the not so little sister.

While I was working on my crochet sling bag, I realized I did need to make me a new bag. The round boho bag I made a couple of years ago is now being enjoyed by my mother. The green granny square bag I made that same year got a bit too old-looking when I washed it in the washer. Lesson learned the hard way for me: never pt your crochet bag in the washer - even if it's wrapped in a laundry mesh bag. I have no more bags! I have like a 3-day hike bag, my laptop bag, my camping bag, my running bag, my baby bag. But I did not have a casual sling bag anymore. As much as I despise the long line, I still am thankful of it because I get to have my own crochet bag.

Cute Crochet Sling Bag (6).png

This is the very same bag I used when I waited in line again for my second shot. The day was not lost after all. Aside from my aching arm, I now have my very own cute crochet sling bag for my tiny trinkets.


Copy of Nanay Romeski (4 x 1.5 in) (2.5 x 1.5 in) (2 x 1 in) (3 x 1 in) (4 x 3 in) (2.5 x 1.5 in) (3 x 1.5 in).png


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Thank you for your endless support! :)

You are the ultimate multitasker lol. Doing crochet while on the line for vax.

It's nice to see your mom rekindling her passion for needlework. And those massive yarns. Wow. I didn't know those could be that bulky.

And I see you are watching Good Doctor. Nice.

Wait til you hear my next story about my second dose. Haha!

Yeah, she's been very patient while listening to me babble on about a new stitch I want to teach her. Now, we got more things to talk about during our video calls aside from me asking her how her BP is or checking in if she already had her meds.

Natutuwa ako kay Dr. Murphy eh. Haha. Hindi ko nga lang matapos tapos kasi andami kong ganap.

Wow, as in WOW talaga..ang lalaki nila lahat. Ang daming project na pumapasok sa utak ko pag ganyan kaharap ko bala malula ako sa ideas..hahaha..pero grabe, kung sino pa talaga ang hindi mag eexpect na mananalo, siya pa yung nananalo,tulad ko sa webinar, lol.😅

Diba? Hindi ko alam kung ano uunahin kong project. hahaha. Pero si Mama ko, tuwang tuwa nung makita ang picture. Sure yan kung anu ano na naman gagawin niyang projects. Excited na ako makita mga gawa nya. haha

Ang importante maging Masaya si mama mo sa mga gagawin nyang projects. Hehe. Kung kasing bilis lang sana ng kamay Ang utak sa pagbuo ng projects.😅 Hehe

that's 28++ kg of yarns,

Dami nito mi romeski!!! Amazing! I accept crochet bags on christmas. Thanks in advance. 😂

Hahaha! Sure no probs! Sana makapunta kami Cebu soon. Ipapakita ko lang ang mga whalesharks sa anak ko then maghahatid na ako ng crochet goodies sa mga mababait na bata sa Cebu. hahaha

Omggg! game kami ni @ybanezkim26! Also, kasali kami sa sinasabi mong "bata" right?! won't include the word mababait na coz we sometimes are bitches. 😂

Pag-ipunan na ang pagpunta dito dahil kami ang magiging tour guide nyo. Punta tayo ng Bantayan after whale sharks.

From south to north lang ang peg! 😂

Kayo talaga ang gagawin kong tour guide. Wala kayong choice. Hahaha. Di ko napuntahan ang Bantayan the last time nagpunta dun. Kaya kasama na yan sa list.

Hahaha! We will gladly accept it! Pangcontent na din yon.

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Wooow! I really wanted to learn crochet. I was once learning this when I was in my college days but ended up nothing 🥲🤣 ang hirap. Hahaha

Haha. Try lang ulit. Masaya naman siyang pang relax, pampaantok, pampakalma, at pampawala ng galit sa mundo. Haha.

Oh my, this crochet sling bag is definitely a commercial-grade product. It's beautiful.

Awww. Grabi sa commercial grade. Nakakataba ng puso! Haha. Thank you. :)

You're welcome (^_^). puwedeng-puwede na talaga na pambenta. Maganda Tanghali.

Swerte talaga kayo sa raffle ni Roffa! Hahaha congrats! Gumagamit dn ako ng ganyang bag hahaha

Nagkataon lang ata. Haha. Di ko napansin na gumagamit ka rin pala ng ganitong bag. Hahahah

Padala na lang po ng bag plith. Holiday gift hahaha

Wow so pretty thanks for sharing

Thank you. :)

You’re welcome @romeskie

Oh my🤭🤭 this bag is so beautiful. I can imagine how exciting it must have been when you discovered you won the paid raffle.

How many stares did you get for crocheting while waiting?? I'm curious 😁

Haha. The line moves ever so slowly and with every move, I have new seatmates. So everytime I change seats, I have new spectators. Hahaha

The joy of receiving a prize is contagious, even more so when it involves wool and yarn. The world of crochet is so big. I only knitted one bag, although I hope to knit number 2, haha.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. Especially the design of the bag turned out great. Good vibes!

Que lindo bolso. El tejido muy delicado.