Beautiful Wrap to Pair with Croptop

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Hello there needleworkers! At last I am done with the lower pair of the pink Croptop.

Polish_20210913_234929108.jpgI went to the store to buy additional pink crochet thread but it's no longer available so Opted to blend it with other shades. To start with, I used a combination of pink, blue, light blue and white. These colours are every child's favourite.


A little twist by making the slants and curves would create a beautiful design!


I had no design in particular to be followed. I only crocheted at my heart's desire!without thinking on how many balls will I be able to consume. It was a perfect balloon! My client, @olivia08 very happy with the result but she won't tell her two grandkids yet.:)


I twined in 8 strands to make a cord for the waist. All you need to do is insert it alternately. Granny said that I make an allowance so that's more than enough.:)


As for the Croptop,added I added a Spandex padding to make it look decent enough even if they're still kids.


That's now the complete set of my finished products!

I added a swimwear including Spandex panty and a cap for the crocheted outfit. Antonia has a lot in her closet and now she's a grown up nobody would wear them.

Ready for delivery!

This is all for now, thank you for dropping by my page. Your comments is highly appreciated!
My special thanks to @crosheille, @neumannsalva, @marblely, @lauramina, @kattycrochet and @romeskie. God bless you guys!

Keep safe everyone!



you really have good hands, Mommy. Wish i had a little girl :)

Thanks dear. You can make your own crochet stuffs and some of household accessories. Thanks for dropping by. Try to visit other posts too. Happy onboarding!

Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.

kay ganda naman!

Thank you so much my dear for your effort. It is so much appreciated.

YW! Just let me know when the package arrive. Okay

Wow beautiful crochet 🧶

Thanks dear. I hope they liked it too :)

Yea, your welcome they will surly

Wow, perfect!

Thank you!

Wow! The grandkids will love it to wear to the beach. Crochetiful!

Thanks sis. They will surely love it!

Mine ko na lahat mhie hahaha. Nice crafts. Lhuvit!

Pagawa ka na Croptop dear. Meron nko thread na softy milk cotton agad. :)