Kicking off this new week with this amazing outfit made for a client @smilestitches😊 putting smiles on your face with our creativities.

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Hello my dearest needle workers, happy new week to you all, I trust we’re all doing perfectly well. Am actually well it’s been a rough and stressful week for me have been busy up and down trying to deliver cloths to my client but in some way am happy that God has been faithful towards me by not making me lack customers to sew for cause have seen most fashion designers who hardly see people to sew for and get money so am happy that God is blessing me everyday am not complaining at all in fact am happy despite the stress that comes with much work am still happy that am fortunate enough.
Like I said few days ago in one of my recent posts I told you all that this is the season people do like to sew new cloths so they could wear and celebrate the Christmas season so by the God’s grace have been sewing so many new cloths, so guys for this week Have decided to kick start this week with this particular outfit i just finish making for one of my client. Actually guys this the most simplest and most easiest outfit have made recently though, just like the looks it also very simple to achieve to so I ouch you all to please stay with me while I share with you all from start to finish how I got this outfit done.





Items used:

  • My fabric.
  • A yellow fabric.
  • Tissue gum.
  • A matching Readymade zip.
  • A matching thread.

My sewing processes:

Step 1:

Actually the fabric are plain and patterned one, so one is to be used to sew the trouser and the other one is to be used to sew the top but wait..... I’ll be the one to decide which I’ll like to use for either the trouser or the top. Then I decided to use the plain fabric for the top and the Ankara fabric for the trouser, why am using the plain material for the top is so any combination I’ll be doing would show and it won’t look untidied. After concluding to use the plain fabric for the top I then lay it on the floor, with a chalk I drew my client’s measurement on it and I cut it out, after that I took out the front as usual and bend it into two, ironed out a straight line to indicate the middle to guild me while designing.





Step 2:
After cutting and ironing out a straight line at the front view I then took the Ankara fabric the one am to use for the trouser and cut a little bit of it and I lay it at the front, now first things I did was with a chalk I drew how I want it to look like that’s the shape of it after I was done, I took it to my iron and I bend the rough edges inside.


Step 3:
After that I then took the yellow fabric then I made same sketch but much smaller than the big one. So I cut it and bend the rough edges inside too just like I did with that other one after that I then place it on top the big one and pin📍it to see how it would look before attaching it to the front of the main fabric. So after that I had to make another sketch at the end part of the yellow fabric, I just wanted to make it look exceptional so I made that sketch of the same shape after making it this time on top the yellow fabric and after sketching it I lay a piece on top the sketch and I sewed from the back following the sketch reflection on the back view and after that I turn the piece to the back view and now my sharp is out.


















Step 4:
After all the preparations where made, I then place it in a slanting form on the front of the fabric, actually I slanted it from the aim hole to the middle of the front and I sewed it to the front using a matching thread.






Step 5:
After sewing it to the front I was partly done with the outfit, next I did was to joined the right side of the shoulder after joining it I then pipe the neck and I included the readymade zip now at the lift side of the shoulder









I then trimmed the shoulder after that and inserted the both sleeves and I joined the body size with the measurement of my client and I bend the down part and my client’s outfit was ready!!!





Thank you so much my beloved friends for always reading, commenting, upvote, rebloging my posts I say a very big thank you to you all for your support, I really appreciate it 🙏🏽 God bless you all and have a bless day as well as a fruitful week ahead!!! See you in my next post. 😊😊😆


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Great friend, your projects are always good and colorful. I don't doubt that your clients end up with a smile ❤️.

Let me give you some advice, you could try to group some images to understand them better. An easy tool to do this is the table provided by the peakd editor :).

I don’t really understand what you mean

If You use this code (editing in HTML)


Replacing column1, column2 and column3 by.the photos, you obtain something like this:


If I understand what your saying clearly your saying I should type those things you typed there at the top of any post am making ???

If the photos are grouped it is easier to read and appreciate the post 💕.

Good to hear you are able to manage the huge work load. As always I love your choice of color for the geometric design on the shirt.

Yea by God’s grace have been able to 😆 but the stress is much tho
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, God bless you!!

God has blessed you with great talent and a strong work ethic. I'm sure your clients are happy to have you around! !BBH

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Yes they do appreciate every single outfit I make for them, thank you very much for your kind words

Boss won't you help me sow one cloth like this so I can just see a girl who will like me for real

😂 😂 😂 😂 yours will be the case of you order shawarma and akara will be delivered to you inside shawarma’s carton Shabi na bae you won impress🙄

Haa. You wan shenk me ni

@mayorkeys You never see something yet 😂

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work