We added a little twist to make our today’s sewing (kaftan) unique and outstanding 😊

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Hey friends, it an amazing Wednesday for creativity guys, hope our day went well, mine was great actually, thanks to God who sticked with me in every step of the way.
So guys today I and my boss we did another amazing kaftan together it was actually fun guys so I’ll be sharing from start to finish how we did this simple kaftan.



Items we used were:
* Red material
* A little White pieces for our combination
* Collar gum
* A red Readymade zip
* Matching threads(red and white)
We got all our equipments and we proceeded to the sewing part.
Sewing processes;
After we finished cutting our material(actually the red) to the persons body size, we took the front and cut out it’s straight turning, next things we did was to cut the white pieces 5inch length and 4inch size and we use same measurement to cut red too so we could have same sizes the after that we joined both the white pieces and the red together and we got a combination for the front and we joined it to the front to give it a unique outlook just like you’ve seen.


We divided the front from the neck down to 13inch length for the readymade zip and we inserted the zip.


We joined the back to the front and we trimmed the shoulder and inserted the sleeves




we joined the both sizes to the persons measurement and our kaftan was close to its finishing point.
I cut the collar gum to the person’s neck size and I cut the white material then Joined it with the red to give it a design then I gummed the neck on it and turned it,


we then sewed it to the neck of the kaftan and we were done with the cloth.

For carefully reading to the end, I say thank you and good night!!!



Realmente un hermoso y limpio trabajo, te felicito. Saludos desde Venezuela 🧵😉

Thanks dear

You didn't share the the full look. Although from what I can see you did a really good job

Oooh yea! Am sorry about that my dear I was so stressed and busy and once we were done I didn’t even remember that I was snapping 😂 sorry I’ll on my next post coming soon thanks love ❤️

Lol, it's fine. I also forget to snap sometimes especially when you're busy like you said. I look forward to your next post!

Yes my dear thanks 🙏🏽 😊 see you too in your own creativity 😂

Se ve muy lindo, gracias por compartir

You’re welcome