DIY of how I made a scrunchie headband

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Hello hive,


It’s another day at work, and I’ll be showing us how I made this beautiful scrunchie headband I have on me.

You don’t need too much, just;
You preferred fabric,
Cutting scissors
Measuring tape



Cut the fabric in length 70 inches then 12 inches as the width.

You can choose to make the length 60 inches and 10inches as the width, this is based on preference.

Now join the fabric along the length (which is 70inches)


After which you’ll cut a fabric to ruffle the long fabric you just sew
The fabric should be cut on length 17inches and 5inches as the width, this will serve as a lining.


Insert this lining into the long fabric using a safety pin, until you have it all ruffled on the lining, now secure the both ends so as not to lose the lining.


Now cut another fabric of length 15inches and 4inches as the width
Join it and insert an elastic (this is also based on preference) but I used 7inches



Here is the band with elastic


The next is to sew this band with elastic on my ruffled fabric, I’ll attach this two ends to the ends of the ruffles I secured earlier.


And there I have my neatly sewn headband


Thank you for reading my post🥰


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Thanks @hivebuzz

You are welcome @taimah! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Its elegant and beautiful...
Can you sell for 2hive please

For you, I can!🤗
You can have it 🥰

This headband is so cute😍 congratulations

Thank you @imena

Very colorful.

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A very colorful fabric 😍 this headband is very beautiful

Thanks so much 🥰

Preciosos amiga, aparte de que te lucen muy bien esos colores, ese cintillo quedo bellísimo 😍 me encantaría hacerme uno para cuando vaya a la playa.

¡Gracias amigo! Me alegro de que te guste el color y espero que mi tutorial sobre la diadema te sea útil para hacerte una para la playa🥰❤️

@taimah , it's so pretty!
I invite you to post in Ladies of Hive community!

Thanks so much for the invite @silversaver888

I look forward to posting in ladies of hive community
I see that there's an ongoing contest in the community and I'd love to post my entry too😊

Such a beautiful headband I care for one😋

It’s a DIY you can make for yourself in less than 20minutes with just few materials...

You don’t need much to make one for yourself🥰

DIY means ??
I may try it dear


It’s mean something you can do all by yourself without the aid of an expert or professional