Slash and spread sewing technique

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Hi sewlovers
How’s sewing going?


slashing and spreading is a pattern-making technique that ultimately involves altering a pattern to create a new design. It is a patternmaking technique used to add more volume to a garment.

Here is an illustration of how I made my slash and spread trouser
Materials needed

A pattern paper
Masking tape
Two trousers of your desired fabric
Hemming gum

The very first step is to draft a trouser pattern on your pattern paper using the desired measurements.


Once you've chosen your pattern,
we're going to determine where we'd like the volume to begin increasing. This is essentially where your garment is going to start flaring out, for this trouser I want the volume to begin increasing at my empire line so I started flaring our right from the waistline


After determining my waistline as my baseline, I started slashing my line, Cutting through the line from bottom to top, stopping at the waistline and with my masking tape I taped the pattern down on my fabric.


Then you'll just open up between your slash lines a little bit, but if you want something more dramatic, you can definitely create a whole lot of volume.

Once you’re happy with the volume, cut out the new shape.

Now let’s sew;
Step 1; The first thing is to fix the pocket


Step 2: join the side seam and also the in-seam

Step 3: the next step is to join the trouser crotch


Step 4: join the trouser band , and fix the zipper


Step 5: the final step which is the finishing process, is to finish the trouser hem using the hemming gum.

Then we do the final ironing .

And there we are!


That's it for now.
Stay tuned next week for my next post😍

Until my next post, stay sweet!
Love ya!🥺🥰

Hugs and Kisses 🤗🤗❤️!!


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This is a beautiful project

Keep up the good work boss😊😊

Thanks babe ❤️

These trouser looks so gorgeous.

Thank you 😊

You're welcome.

Beautiful thanks for sharing @taimah


Greetings, those pants are being used, it is what is in fashion again, I congratulate you

Thank you🥰

These pants are so beautiful and so comfortable, the fashion is back.

Thank you🥰

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I really liked them, you made me remember some white pants with black polka dots that I loved to wear and were in fashion many years ago. I think fashion is coming back. congratulations, I liked them.

Thanks @carolinacardoza

Yeah the fashion is coming Back, I made more of this pant for clients this past months.
It’s a really comfy wear🥰