Unboxing New Tailoring Tools

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This is one purchase I really like - a French curve set for tailoring. I was browsing the jumia Nigeria black Friday deals and came across this French curve set on sale for $14.12. After adding the delivery, it came to a total of $15.95. It seemed like a good deal so I ordered it and got it yesterday.

It came in one piece and everything is just as described. I had been looking forward to owning one of these for a while and I'm super psyched I got them. Now my pattern making will be even better as I previously struggled with getting my curves right.

I can use these for armhole curves, sleeve caps, hip curves, necklines, trousers crotch blending, darts, and blending of curved lines generally.

Everything in the package seems to be very durable and will get the job done.

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Pattern maker is set for work ☺

Yeah 😁

You're ready to conquer 😂.
I'd love one of these, especially for the hip curve and the neckline.

Yeah. Conquering 🙃

Wow those are so pretty

They really are. Using them already.

Wow great, hope they aren’t giving you any issues?

Certainly not. They're doing the job.

Ohhhh I am envious! These curved rulers are so useful. I still use plates or cups to get a nice curve when designing a sewing pattern. But I think I must invest into a curved ruler soon. Congratulations that you made such a good deal and happy sewing with them.

You definitely should get yourself one. And thank you!

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