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I want my son to have the joys of tree houses I once did when I was a nipper. My brothers, sisters and I spent many summer days constructing quite complex structures in the trees around our house. We had pully systems to lift supplies and rope bridges between. We even had an emergency evacuation route in case we were under attack. We were Huckleberry Fins.

We had three tree houses in the sycamore in the garden, two for us and one for the cat who had decided it was better to sleep in the tree after he was attacked by a pack of dogs,

Now, our tree houses have long rotted away and I pulled out the remains when I was removing ivy which was strangling the tree. The branches are still there and so I think it is time for a rebuild for the next generation. It will be a long-term project as I scrounge some materials to make it form.

Laying foundations

But this evening we started. The first branch is quite high and so we needed a safe way to get to it. As a material we had found some wooden stakes thrown in the river and I pondered over the last few days how to use them to make some sort of ladder.

The stakes were only around 1.5 meters tall so I made what I believe is a lap joint to join them into one single tall pole.

Then we needed to work out the steps. After some trial and error, we settle on a step size to suit little legs and I cut lots of little logs to 32cm each.

I wanted to make sure that there would be a bit of reinforcement at the lap joints and after lots of playing around with positions we came up with a plan on how to best use our wood to give the best strength and egonomics.

Screwing the logs onto the central pole and then together made the whole structure nearly three times as thick and then rung by rung we made our steps.

It was also a bit of a sculptural project. We wanted it to look nice also and the funny thing is that form and function really complement each other.


It was late when we finished. Fintan was already on his way off to bed when I finally connected it to the tree. I buried about 150mm into the ground and then lashed some rope around where it came to the top in a V between two branches.

Of course, sleep could wait and I got my son back out for a test drive. He knew exactly what to do as he climbed to the top like a cat.

Now, all we need to do is make all the rest of the house. I spent so much time in this tree when I was young and I really want my son to also. My wife is asking for a harness and other things to make it safe. I will make it as safe as I can but I also know that a little danger is exactly what a young boy needs.

I'll update you on the next phase as this story continues.


Oh I love tree houses, One day I would like to live in one.
Love the stairs idea, I haven't seen that before, and it takes up such little space. I look forward to seeing the progress on this xxxxx

I must share another tree house I made one day, I love the possibilities when not having to conform to building standards. Thinking of new ways of doing things when building can really lead to some interesting solutions. I just hope it is safe.

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I reckon that tree houses should be an essential part of every child's growing up 😁

Me too. With so many electronic play things these days it is nice to get him using his mind in nature.

Tree houses, pillow forts...all good memories

That's an usual way to build steps and I'm sure the kids will love a bit of challenge instead of climbing up normal rungs. Are you gonna to carve anything into the ladder? Gotta put a stamp on it!!!

I have already filed the patent. (joking) I was happy that it came together in one evening after work.
I have not been able to do much carving these days but anywhere I can I will try to find creative solutions which keeps my mind active.
My son is also quite proud of his work. He is only 7 but I like to get him to use the tools where he can, he then has a good sense of ownership.

intresting solution, and a great DIY. upvoted the post - and a hive !BEER as an extra 😜

Thank you, It was a fun little project with my son. Having limited materials always leads to creative solutions.

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Oh man, I wish you were my dad. His tree forts sucked. I can't wait to see the finished project.

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I believe that your son will love to have the tree house. This is beautiful and well constructed. The only time I was opportune to climb a tree with something like the one you shared was during my one-year NYNC orientation camp training.

Ohh, how wonderful this is, @ammonite !! I LOVE your design, and your re-use of wood - and it being the very tree that you adventured in as a wean! That's amazing. I loved the trees where I grew up on the Isle of Arran, like they were siblings... we never had tree houses, but I did make an old den from decades before, under the ground, into a brilliant hobbit kind of house... It had a chimney and a turf roof, so was really secret. :-D

Thanks, Clare. We had such adventures as children with all the trees near my house and everyone had a name. I want my son to get out there and start naming his own adventures but this summer had been not the greatest.
That underground hobbit house sounds so cool and probably much safer for little ones. My project will continue as I find more materials and have the time.

Beautiful, @ammonite :-) I feel too, that the element of some danger or challenge is very important in learning as a child, and a LOVE that you are willing to let some of that into their lives - some of my most important learning came from being up trees when small - especially gymnastic creative movement; we were very fit and sane kids.

Your son will enjoy playing at the tree house. This is a welcome change from the hours he may spend on gadgets.

So very true. He loves playing Minecraft and so hopefully he can bring some of his building knowledge to this project.

Looking forward to the rest of the saga....