Fixing A Bixolon Printer - DIY Stepwise Guide

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Hello hiveans, I am happy to be a member of this community. I have been looking for a place I can share my experience and create documentation for future purpose.

I hope to share more and learn from others as they share how they dealt with their own challenges.

Alright, let me show us how I overcame this challenge. The printer stopped printing and cutting d paper as I tried printing for clients, it was a terrible experience and a great disappointment to customers and my self.

First think, I thought of paying someone to help me out, since I was shut of cash then, I had to open the printer to check for fault.


After opening, I checked to locate the print head and cutter.


Then I disconnect the print head and cutter from the board.

Then I bring it out in order to service it

I opened the cutter to and put drops of oil on d metallic parts to lubricate it and den set the cutter to it appropriate port.

Setting the cutting blade.

After setting the cutting blade, I cleaned the printer head with tissue paper and fix everything back.

Then I tried printing a test page and the printer printed perfectly beautiful. Wooooow. I was so happy I can do that my self.

Finally, I installed the printer back to the desktop and started printing.
It was such an awesome experience and I'm happy sharing it here. If I was able to solve mine, U too can solve the similar problem. Just follow my steps. Thanks for your acceptance in to the community. I appreciate.


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