Wood burning crafting for the camp musical props : a hammer

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For the camp musical my son is attending they needed a hammer. The hammer could not be a metal one , because of safety for the kids. The list of props was long and this piece was left. I said to my son “ we will take care of it” little thing did I know. I tried plastic toy ones but they were to little. Than I remembered that at the thrift store , where I bought the great chair for my sewing room , had a wooden one.
I hoped that that would solve our hammer problem !


I couldn’t get it so I had to pull some strings hahahah, I send my dad to check it out. Dad came to the rescue and phoned that he bought it. He bought it for only 2 euro so that was great aswell. The hammer needed some personalised text and instead of using a sharpie, I used a wood burning pen.


It’s an art piece we have had and decorated things with at Christmas. Tou can personalise many things with wood carving and burning. This was The perfect time to use it now for this project for school.


The wood is easy to mark or be letter-ed with the hot iron pen.
There are a lot of different pin points to use to write with. The smell is kinda nice. The name of the musical was good and it worked well and didn’t take long.

A woodburning pen is not that expensive, I bought it. I saw it’s still available for about 10 euro.


Source : hornbach.nl via Google


Again in all things you do is a blog or a piece to write about. Hope you liked it. And if you are a crafter let me know in a blog, I love to see your projects !

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Date : 22 June 2022



Creative way of using soldering iron to mark the wood! 👍

This is so great to have to personalise projects or gifts and its really so easy to do with all the different point the set has. Definitely gonna use it more from now on

Very creative, I see this wood art sometimes. Very, rare now in the bazaars.

The wood art is not what i made hahahah but it does come in handy when you wnat to personalise a gift or something

So inovative, your son must be a smart kid too....great post.

He is sweet and smart and this made me the mum he loves because we nailed it and its now used in the end school play

Tou is such a smart kid. Glad your Dad came to your rescue, hahaha👍🤩

This is nice ma🥰

What would i do without dad, hahhaha he indeed always comes to the rescue thank god

I have had the opportunity to work that way, once I made a carving of a butterfly on a chest and it was so splendid that I ended up selling it hahahahaha.

Unfortunately I burned my hot pen, and I have not been able to replace it. But soon I'll be publishing some works with wood combined with my quilling technique. For now I'm going from the simplest, I'll get to the more complex.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Greetings friend @brittandjosie 💖

Maybe you can buy a new one, they are not that expensive considering you can earn it back with blogs made with this burning piece. ThN again you have so many talents that the blogs will come anyway.
Thanks for stopping by