Ripping Up

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to share some of the fun I had with our son taking apart the broken couch that was wasting a bunch of space in our living room!


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So one of the big things lately is we are trying to maximize the space we have since it’s fairly limited, we don’t have a garage and we don’t have a yard. Not the best scenario with a young boy for sure!

Our son treats the whole living room and everything in it like a jungle gym. It’s not so bad until the things start to get destroyed. We didn’t necessarily mind or blame him for doing what he does but we get nervous that it’s going to lead to him getting hurt. The couches have a hell of a lot more nails in them than we thought! He completely ripped through the connection on the back of the couch between the wood and the head pillow and it was getting dangerous so we knew it was time to figure out what to do. We settled on getting rid of it instead of trying to patch it up. We didn’t love the couches anyways so it wasn’t too hard of a decision.


Let me tell you these couches are built pretty well. We destroyed the thing but it was still holding on until the last piece of wood was separated from each other lol. The springs there were held in there incredibly well. There were a few points where I needed to use the saw z all to cut through all of the crap, thankfully I’ve got more tools than I really knew I did!


The little man was having fun helping though. There was a lot of nails all over the place so that was sketchy but I had him help me get tools from around the area so he could feel included. He helped me bring all of the trash to the dumpsters which was great. The springs here were the place where he shined lol they were pretty easy and didn’t have anything sharp so he was all over that one.


It took longer than I thought when all was said and done. I think it was about 3 hours to take apart the love seat but I’ll be getting a new saw blade when we do the big couch. I needed an excuse to go to the hardware store anyways so I’m glad for that! :D


There was way more fabric in the thing than I thought there was lol which I guess is good since it helps keep it together and people don’t get hurt.


One of the great things I thought of when we were all finished was I was thinking of how the heck do I make sure there aren’t nails all over the carpet. It’s hard to see them with this color but I remembered one thing I saw the roofers do: use a magnet! A year or two ago they replaced the roof on our building and there were nails all over the ground but one thing they did every day was drive a huge magnet around and it grabbed the nails since they had iron in them. Score for that idea! Between the two of us we ended up getting 15 nails in the carpet! Thank god for the magnets otherwise that would have been in my foot if I try to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night lol.


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