DİY Concept: Making a Photo Frame Magnet

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Hello Hive Family. I am with you again with DIY concept. Today I made another beautiful object. I made a Photo Frame Magnet for you. So what are our materials?


As a priority, our materials; wooden sticks, hot silicone gun, magnet and scissors. Our materials are ok. So, how is the Photo Frame Magnet made?


First, I adjusted the wooden sticks to the size of the picture. Then I glued the wooden sticks as you can see in the picture. I made a ground.


Next, I drew the size of the picture with a pencil on the wooden floor.


Then I glued the wooden sticks outside the area I drew with the pencil as you can see in the picture.


Finally, I glued 5 magnets to the back of the photo frame.


Now we have finished all the processes. We put your picture in the frame. Feel happy while using it. :))

Thanks for Reading and Supports.


My son made one of these in school years ago, just not as ornate as this one.