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How are all friends creators of #hive, how is your day going today? I hope that well here, leaving you some simple guidelines for those who want to create their characters and who can, without having to explain much, make their character understand
Well creating a character may be seen by some as very complex but it is not so if you follow certain guidelines, generally many create a character based on other characters leaving aside originality, the soul of the character, their attitude and others and here I will tell you how make your character not so basic and that as I said without having to explain it, show what it already is

1-the first step is to start with the face of the character, this will help much later in its development, do it in the foreground as if it were a portrait and there it is very important to define his attitude, if he is serious, do it serious, if he is upset, do it annoyed, if he's sad, do it like that, if you don't know what these faces are like, then you're the best model, go to a mirror and put on different faces and when you see the correct one, try to copy it to the character, it's still not difficult to show an annoyed character or a little serious like the one I show you below


2-The second thing to do is define his clothing, this helps a lot to define a character, for example a barbarian like the one I show you, do you think of him as an intellectual or as a man who acts without thinking much? exactly deciding elements and aspects of a clothing helps a lot to define a character where what you want to show is what you have to give

3-Now it's time to show poses and actions of the character, this is already taking it to a more professional level, when in a game company, comic book publishers, etc. they ask you to design a character, you must give as much information as possible, how it looks from the front and back, How does it look from the sides, how does it attack, how does it defend itself, does it have any special attacks? because all that is essential to give life and soul to a character


4-To have a well-designed character, I always do it in two sheets in one, I show a close-up of the face that, as I said before, if you look at the character in different actions and profiles, you can't see their faces, these are illustrations that take seconds do but thanks to the close-up of the face you yourselves imagine the character with that face even so you don't see them in the sketches and as I said to develop a character well on a page I show his face and the front and the back and both sides and in another sheet different actions of it, sometimes I use up to 3 sheets only if it is complex


5-and finally this applies to any type of character, male or female, furry, caricature, character without a defined gender and in any style of illustration, the idea is to follow guidelines that help you show something without having to say much, there you will have a good character and obviously to make him perfect you have to give him a story but that's something else

And here I end this informative post for those who want to start creating characters, I hope you like it and it will serve you soon more





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Nice guide, I still got a long way to go to be able to draw stuff like that