Stepwise process on How to Decorate your Space

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Last weekend was quite stressful but all rewarding as well. So the decoration in church has been there for quite a long time and it needed change to we made out time to do something about it.

It wasn't really fun as it were cause i had series of events to cover during the weekend and moving to church to change after a lot of stress was annoying but it was still a success at the end.

The Process

So this is what the old decor looked like.


One funny thing about decorations is that the longer it stays, the less beautiful it becomes maybe because humans are not stereotypes and anything that stays long too much to a persons sight, begins loosing it's beauty.

So we had to take off the old one. You can't put something new on what is old, the beauty might not really be obvious and remember every decoration is meant to beautify a place and also capture peoples attention so you must get ride of everything that will hinder the beauty.

Items User

  • 50 yards of navy blue pongee material
  • Cardboard papers
  • Florescent paper
  • Embossment card

and off course the basic items which are

  • Office pin
  • thumb tag
  • and others.


It was quite difficult pulling down the old stuff cause the thumb tags had gotten rusted and it stocked harder to wood but at last, we had pull it out successfully though some of the materials got turn.

After removing the old one, i began the process all together putting a new backdrop.

Backdrops are what add beauty to your decoration works and what colour you use determines how catchy it would be. Well we do not really have a good lighting in my church so i had to get a material that can absorb light and brighten up the stage. So we used a navy blue colour.... so many people say it is a dark colour and that is actually correct the truth is that it absorb the available light and bright up the stage.


Setting the backdrop was not a big thing like making designs with card boards.


No man is an island of knowledge so we learn daily. I am really grateful to God for all the things i have learnt thus far but i used to think before now that i know all about decoration not until i went to the market on Saturday to buy paper for my designs that i was told of all the different kinds of paper that are there.




This paper you are seeing is called florescent paper. Now this is where the real work was as it took us more time doing the designs.

Design Process

We had to sit and cut all the card board to our desired sizes and there after, we carefully lay the already cut florescent paper on the the white cardboard to give a perfect design.



Like i said earlier it was the most stressful part of the work but then it was all fun cause i got to learn so much in the process.

So i began to lay it on our already set navy blue backdrop design.


You know sometimes it looks just as though what you are doing is not making any sense but just calm with yourself and get finished with it.


So we got the church perfectly ready for service on sunday morning and i am grateful to God for all the wisdom He has bestowed on me to getting this done.

121473988_254490752661030_8170863882551333511_n 1.jpg

Unfortunately i don't have a good phone that's why the pictures are not very good but i hope that some kind hearted people here will help by giving out good upvotes for all my post so i can get a better phone so i can be getting a better picture quality.

Thanks for reading through my blog and upvoting me as well.


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