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Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope you all are up and doing?

Although, I have been hearing from my friends about this Build-it community but couldn't post here for some reasons. So today, I will be teaching us all a little of what I did today.

For a while now, I have been making a home-made cream for my skin because of the rate at which we are now having fake body cream and as such, it has been affecting my skin and because of that, I decided to be making my own oil in the house and then add any organic product of my choice to give me what I want.


It is coconut oil and I am going to give us steps to make it at home which makes it pure and healthy for both skin and hair.

I will be showing you the steps and processes of this operation from the start to the finish images to show you how it looks like, just in case you want to make yours.

We all know how costly coconut is but notwithstanding, we all have to make use of it when the need arises.

Method Of Preparation

  • I bought 4 pieces of coconut which cost two hundred Naira (200) each and eight hundred Naira altogether (800).
  • Broke the coconut and removed the brown shell
  • Grated the coconut to get the shaft
  • Boil some cups of water, don't make it hot but warm
  • Pour the warm water into the coconut and leave for some time


  • Then get your siever and sieve it


  • I was able to get the coconut juice which will be used in extracting the oil.

Much can't be done in a day since we need the oil, so put in a good and clean plate and preserve it overnight.


We can see from the above image that the coconut juice is settled which makes it easy to scope the upper part of the juice which will make our oil. It is advisable that we leave the juice overnight to be able to get enough milk for our oil and which also helps in making the oil float on top of the water.

  • We can get our spoon and pot or fry pans and begin to scoop the oil.

  • Place on the fire and reduce the heat of the fire so it dries up slowly.


Boom we have our oil extracted. Here is the extracted product after heating it on fire.


You can decide to keep your oil overnight again if you want, you could be lucky to get another handful of oil before discarding it.


Although it is very tedious and time-consuming but I prefer extracting my coconut oil at home than buying from the supermarket or store. You can now decide to add any organic product of your choice that's if you want or use it ordinarily. For me, I add Vitamin E or most times, use it raw if I don't feel like adding anything.


Its cool you can make yours. I can't even break a coconut properly

Yeah, it is cool to be able to do little things like that. Oh My God, are you serious?🤣
Anyways, if you can't do this, doesn't mean you can't do something else. I saw in your post the last time that you know how to sew. So someone else can always help you break it.

Yeah. Lol