How To Make Talking Emojis With Moving Eyes Made With Pil's Blister.

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Hello Hivers, happy start to the week, everyone, I hope you are healthy and happy.

My creative task today are some announcing emojis for parties or to decorate notebooks, doors, etc. They are also useful for children to learn about different emotions. They have something incredible and that is that their moving eyes are made from recycling blister packs.

Join me in this preparation and you will be surprised.


  • Yellow cardstock
  • Empty pill blister
  • Glue
  • Colors
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Compass
  • Open holes
  • Swabs
  • Blush
  • Tall chopsticks



The first thing I will do is make a 10 cm diameter circumference with my compass and then I will cut them.


Then we cut the circles from the pill blister with which we will make our mobile eyes.


Then with the hole opener and the foami we make circles that will be the center of our crazy eyes.


We paint the bases of our eyes with colors and begin to paste.


With the blush I make cheeks to some of my emojis to decorate and give a more feminine touch.


After having our emojis already decorated, we place our toothpicks high. We can also place magnets on them or other types of glues depending on the place where we will place them.


As you can see, we already have our nice and funny emojis ready. You cannot miss them.


COME UP ... And happy elaboration !!!



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