And, Another Project: Building Mom's Fence

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As any day that I'm not at work, today was a busy day. With all the projects around the house, I've been promising mom all summer that I'd help rebuild her fence. Today was supposed to be the work day for her fence, but when I got told by my doctor to isolate for the weekend, I backed out.

Oh well. To put it politely, stuff that. I dont have the rona and my mom needs a fence, damnit. My sister and her fiance decided for some reason to go out of town this weekend, which left me and my brother to help Dad put up the fence. Dad's a grown-up and he doesn't work as good as he used to, and my brother isn't much help, as he usually sleeps when the sun is up.

So far, dad and the wind had torn down all but about twelve of the fifty feet of fence, and dad had dug two of the post holes. The tricky bit there was the concrete from the old posts, and dad didn't have a breaker bar so it took him a few hours to dig each hole. At that rate, I'd've only dug two holes today! Instead I dug like four because of my handy dandy old Model-T steering shaft that I use for a breaker bar. So I got the holes dug and set the posts, then ran the base board and got the first twenty feet of the fence hung.


With the bulk of the work done, it was time for supper. After all the work, I was more thirsty than hungry despite all my water breaks, so I was on a liquid diet of cold beer and sweet tea til it was time to go home.


Somewhere in the process, the post hole diggers (heretofore referred to as Satan's shovel) wore a good blister on my hand and it got filled up with concrete mix. That's nice and comfy, but it definitely feels good to have gotten the bulk of the physical work done for my parents. The rest is easy, just popping a couple screws in the planks at each end. No digging or concrete.

It was good getting to see my parents. They're trying to come up with ways to help me on my big house project, but really their biggest help is that they're letting Melissa and the kids live with them while I work.

On that note, my masks came in. I guess I'll be shaving so they can work, so y'all take a good long look at my happy, bearded, unicorn sunglasses face cause it's outta here for a while. Even with the P100 filters I'm thinking after the work that I'll still need to do some sort of mycotoxin detox. Anyone know anything about that? Probably involves a lot of raw milk and good water. I'm considering putting in a reverse osmosis filter while I'm working...

Anyways. I'm all nasty from working and I need some time to spend with Melissa tonight, so I'm gonna cut this one short tonight.

Love from Texas

Nate 💚


Waiting to see the new look....