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If you have seen my last few posts you will have seen that I somehow have ended up in the building trade this week.

Never ever drink and make promises, it never ends well.

After another hard day's work we made a lot of progress on clearing out the pub. I spent most of the afternoon bringing out the original stonework behind the open fire.

It will look great with a proper finish after taking down all the crap plastering. Slow and painful work but it kept me entertained.



Slow and steady. We also knocked a few more rooms and cleared out a lot of rubble.

Found two separate safes and a hidden doorway. This is one of those old building's where the more that you dig, the more you uncover.

It is 130 years old and has been through a lot.

As promised, a few more photos.






This is only the start of the project. We also have the garage, 8 random bedrooms upstairs, the lounge, games room and the entire outside area to do yet.

Could be looking at months before the real builders land in to make it look good.

Anyway, plenty more to do tomorrow.


This is a real lock down memory. A lot of houses have holes in them after diy projects.

I hope you have good builders coming to build it back up again 😄

130 years old, and still looking ever new

Hidden doorway?! Leads to a bunker with occupants like the movie Parasite?

Never ever drink and make promises, it never ends well.

Noted with thanks

Yay! 🤗
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