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RE: Snakes on a mainframe - workshop

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No shame in repurposing useful items. I'm a big fan of reducing our waste and think that especially in Ireland we have gotten too used to quick and easy fixes.

Reusing and recycling products like this are good for everybody and Ive seen lots of people who can make a nice bit of spare change by finding and selling. I think it's great to see and if you have the skills to fix them a fun project.


I am shocked how wasteful people can be here. Even giving things to charity would have been a better plan than throwing it in the Bin.
I may not have all the skills to fix things like my father did but I am not afraid to give it a try and to be honest I think that is what holds most people back.

I work in retail and while we are actually quite good at reducing waste in our shop it's still disgraceful how much good food and products get thrown out. We can do so much better with our prcatises and be a lot more efficient with what we have.

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