How to NOT Spend Thousands of Dollars On A New Shed You Don't REALLY Need

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My husband has serious shed envy. He drools at his mate Murray's house when he sees his huge shed, complete with separate rooms for noise proof banging of heavy metals and other obscure mechanic-ey projects. But Murray has a business - he engineers kit for Landrovers, like special drawers and wheel holders and making stable doors into the lift up awning kind. I don't know the technical term. I'm just hear to say what a brilliant wife I am for saying NO.


He did beg. He almost had me convinced. He couldn't fit the landrover in the shed, said he. That was true enough - the roller doors wouldn't let him. And he has trouble organising all his tools. But a new shed was going to cost absolute thousands, and I cannot see the real benefit of it. That's more time working to pay it off, and I absolutely no-likey.


They do say necessity is the mother of invention. For $60 of steel, new shed doors that wouldallow Buttercup to slide on in (even with a rooftop tent on) began to take shape. A day of welding, and the frames were made.

Now, for new corrugated iron.

Um - no? We have iron behind the shed? He grimaced. But it's rusty, he wails. Look at the shed honey - it IS rusty. In fact, it's the right kinda shabby Aussie shed chic rusty, the kind of rusty that people think there surely can't be anything worth stealing in that shed.


Point taken.

And I think they look great, don't you?

With Love,

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  ·  22 days ago (edited)

He did an excellent job! It looks like a lot of fun welding doors onto it. I will agree with him that new iron looks so much better than rusty iron LOL we can't be working with rusty things, we need new! 😛

I agree though that spending thousands on a shed, making one work more, is more of a pain than anything. We don't need to work more than we already do! That's the beauty though, need versus have is the mother of innovation. I don't have thousands of dollars to spend but I need a shed. What can I do? Make my own version!

Tell him job well done for sure! Hopefully someday I will have land to be able to have fun making my own shed lol

Haha @cmplxty - but rust is cool! It would be nice to have an ordinary new shed but then we would be like the rest of them working themselves sick to pay off new sheds and no time to enjoy it!!

We are so lucky to have the land to put it on. I always tell him to remember he could be in a flat in England with no space to PARK a car let alone work on one. He knows he is blessed.

That last image didn't seem to load, no matter how many.times I tried, so I will try again here.



  ·  22 days ago (edited)

Looks very cool! I think it’s got a great style to it and lots of nice patina! No need to spray paint it, just make sure it doesn’t leak and you’re good.

Indeed having the land to do that is so important. We don’t have any land with where we live in a condo, so I’m really hoping to own some at some point! Hopefully in a state like Texas where there’s a lot of land lol

Where intention flows... I am more than positive you'll get that one day, @cmplxty!!!!

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That's so funny. Tell him you've decided you desperately need a she-shed. See the look on his face and find out what he says. 🤣

Haha he'd argue my yoga room, the bus, the chicken coop and the vegetable garden and potting shed are my she caves!!!! I am quite lucky.


Ahh. Thanks for the tokens! 😀

You are welcome!

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I think it's brilliant to use what you have and make do with it, nothing wrong shabby chic and size! PLUS, always remember, the bigger the shed, the more rubbish a man is likely to bring home, so keep it small I say;)

the bigger the shed, the more rubbish a man is likely to bring home.

Lol, what a way to describe hobbies🤣

Haha that's what I said, just get rid of some stuff and organise better!!

He should be thankful he's got a shed at all!


That's what I tell him all the time!!!! 🤣

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Just Say No! 2.gif

Ha great comment gif!


Boys and toys 😄

You got it! I suppose I have my own cave...

Well done.

Last photo didn't come up. :((

But good on you to figure out an alternative!

You can see it in the comments. Try as I might, I could NOT get that photo to load!!! So frustrating.