Crafting 4 Christmas | Part 5 | 3x Cinnamon Tree Christmas Ornament Tutorial | DIY

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Crafting 4 Christmas part 5 3x DIY cinnamon tree ornament.png

It's time to bring in some holiday cheer

Christmas is approaching and I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure to make sure that I have crafted enough ornaments for our Christmas tree. I took a few weeks off to do some crafting and today I felt all back into the holiday cheer so I thought I should share my last 3 DIY creations with you guys.

All of them are tree ornaments made with a cinnamon stick and some other items as I will explain in the step by step pictures. Not only will your tree look great using handmade ornaments, but you will also smell Cinnamon which always makes me think of the holidays! The good thing is that you only need a few things to create these ornaments and I think the instructions are simple but clear.

Snow Tree Cinnamon Ornament

Snow tree cinnamon ornament step by step instructions.png

Snow Tree cinnamon ornament step by step instructions2.png

Snow Tree cinnamon ornament step by step instructions3 1.png

And the final result:

Snow Tree cinnamon ornament.jpg

Cinnamon Tree Ornament With Buttons

Cinnamon Tree Ornament step by step instructions.png

Cinnamon Tree Ornament step by step instructions1.png

I forgot to take a picture when I decided to add buttons, but this speaks for itself if you look at the final result picture:


Ribbon Tree Cinnamon Ornament

Ribbon Cinnamon Tree Ornament step by step instructions.png

Ribbon Cinnamon Tree Ornament step by step instructions1.png

And the final result:



It doesn't have to be complicated to craft a cute Christmas tree ornament! The possibilities are endless and I hope you enjoyed seeing these 3 step by step tutorials with different tree ornaments using cinnamon sticks. A comment is always appreciated! Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!

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Love these ideas! Reminds me of the table wreath / candle holder we received from a friend once which had cinnamon, star anise, etc. Smelled wonderful throughout Christmas, and beyond! :)

Thanks :) I bet, smells lovely and the possibilities of crafting these decorations are endless.. table wreaths are also cool! I also plan on crafting a candle holder but need another size candle for it before I can start :)
Thanks for stopping by!

You're very welcome! :)

All very nice, and I bet your christmas tree smells delicous with all the cinnamon sticks in it.

Yeah, I love the smell :) And thank you for stopping by <3

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thank you @qurator and @ackhoo <3

Most welcome! :)

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