ART: How To Make Butterflies With Paper (Step by Step)

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A lovely Wednesday to you all.
How are you doing? I trust you are all good.
It's been a while I did some craft work so today I decided I wanted to make something out of papers and guess what I did today?
I made butterflies. Yes, I wish I could paint it or color it but I didn't have an option since I didn't have access to the paint and color. They weren't available so I made white color butterflies with paper

I will show you the steps and processes.

Materials Used

  • A4 Paper and Drawing Book
  • Scissors
  • Top gum
  • Pen

Step One

  • Cut a piece of paper, depending on the size you want your butterfly, draw out two circles.

Step Two

  • Cut out the drawn circles into two parts

Step Three

  • Then you carve out the two circles

Step Four

  • Here you can see the second carved out circles.

Step Five

  • Fold the two carved circles, bit by bit
  • Another sample of the folded circles

Step Six

  • Continue folding the circles until the space finishes.

Step Seven

  • Bend the folded circles into two equal parts.

Step Eight

  • Spread out the folded and bent circles, bringing out the wings of the butterfly

  • Then cut out the butterfly' antenna using another piece of paper.

Step Nine

  • Apply top gum on the sides of the antenna and the two wings and then stick them together.

Step Ten

  • Cut out a piece of paper and carve out a very tiny circle, shade it with blue ink, and then add gum at the back and paste it to the butterfly in the center.

  • Here are the two butterflies. The bigger one and the smaller one.


This is all you have to do to create your paper butterfly. I hope the process was simple and easy to follow.
See you all next time.



Wow Wow Wow this is so so lovely❤❤❤
Thumbs up✌✌✌

Thank you!😊

Woww... This is actually not as easy as it seems because the procedures you gave are quite long but I believe that you mastered it by consistent hard work.

Anyone that have passion for this can easily follow the process outlined in your post and be able to create a fine work.

Well Done On This One

Yes, it's only a person that has a passion for such work that will be able to do this.
Thank you for your comment!